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Deja vu all over again

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  • Deja vu all over again

    The Raiders fired their HC last season following their blow-out loss to us in London 4 weeks into the season...Many would say we did the Raiders a huge favor as they now seem they just might be headed in the right direction...Maybe the Jets return the favor!
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    Raiduhs, First year Coach and a 2nd year QB playing with purpose.. At first I question the decisions to bring in McKenzie as GM but he's made some very good moves... Us Miami fans still hanging on to "Hope"..


    • Daytona Dolfan
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      I'm all outta Hope,,,, Time for a Change

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    Originally posted by HndRkyaBong34 View Post

    Us Miami fans still hanging on to "Hope"..
    Not sure i really hang onto any hope anymore when it comes to the Fins...i am hanging onto my sanity by a slim thread (very slim!) though, if that counts for anything...


    • HndRkyaBong34
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      Trust me! My thin thread has a candle to it.... Sweating bullets sitting down next to a bottle of Somebody call me a doctor!!!!!!

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