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As I said, "Scheme" is the issue with the D Line

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  • As I said, "Scheme" is the issue with the D Line

    Write of from Mando with quotes from Osi Umenyiora calling out Coyle's scheme...God he needs to go.

    And in that discussion, Umenyiora put the line's struggles squarely on defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle.
    "Ndamukong 'the beast from the east' Suh, from what I've seen he's still playing very well," Umenyiora said. "Cameron Wake is one of the best pass rushers we have in this league. I am going to put this squarely on the defensive coordinator's shoulders.
    "What I've seen is Olivier Vernon dropping into coverage, I've seen Cameron Wake two-gapping, I've seen Ndamukong Suh two-gapping which is what you can't have with these perennial All-Pro pass rushers. You have to let them rush up the field. You have to let these rushers rush and the defensive coordinator hasn't done that.
    "That's why they're underperforming. But I think they're going to get back to that this weekend."
    The Dolphins run a base 4-3 defense that should typically use one-gap concepts for the four defensive linemen. That means a lineman is responsible for one gap. He must try to stop running plays there. He often rushes the passer from that gap.
    The Dolphins do switch things up. And they do run two gap concepts. And in that regard, the defensive lineman is responsible for gaps on either shoulder. That means he must first read the play (pass or run, and to what side it is going if a run) and then react to the play through the appropriate gap.
    Two gap defensive linemen typically read and react by definition.
    Here's the entire article...good read.

    LONDON -- English-born former NFL defensive lineman Osi Umenyiora will be among the hosts at the NFL fan rally at Trafalgar Square here on Saturday as both the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets will gather before an expected crowd...

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    Our coaches also watch film, why are they being so stubborn and not correcting whats wrong?


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      Watching North Dallas Forty doesn't count....

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      23 hours ago
      Watching North Dallas Forty doesn't count....

      I was thinking more like The Waterboy!
      With Henry Winkler as Joe Philbin...

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    IMHO miami's coaches especially coyle,have their way and that is that.IMHO why miami comes out looking unprepared at the start of games is ,they come out and do what they do and they don't change their plan even if it takes till the half to figure out they need to do something different, the same thing game after game.


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      I read this last night and agree. It's not all of the problems but a part of it. The D-linemen engage then pause to react wasting precious milliseconds that could be used to beat their man and plug a gap or set the edge. The LBs do the same thing and react instead of attack waiting on the D-linemen and play development wasting more milliseconds. All these milliseconds wasted on reacting become seconds which become yards. Get the play call, make your pre-snap read, and live with your decision before the snap not after.


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        While Suh hasn't logged any sacks, he still playing pretty well considering of how Coyle's is using him. The problem is that the way Coyles' is using him. And while he's drawing the attention and double and triple teams, other's are not taking advantage of it. I read a quote today they had Wake put on 7-10 lbs this offseason so he'd be more versatile. Dunno if it's true or not, but we do know they've done this other players including Dion Jordan, Fede, and Shelby.

        Also, Wake's been playing hurt and OV has just been pretty bad so far this year. OV has always been slow and while neither he nor Wake have ever been good at setting the edge, OV has thrived on Wake being the focal point. Wake himself has always been undersized, but plays with outstanding speed and leverage. Now he is either hurt or age is catching up with him. Most likely, it's a combination of both.

        With Detroit, Suh was allowed to just attack the OL and QB. Here Coyles is asking him to be gap/lane responsible and eat up blockers, but by doing so, athleticism and ability to be disruptive is neutralized a lot. Doesn't help when the guy drafted to be his partner in crime is inactive because they didn't like the way he practiced.


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          Another point I heard a former coach make was in Detroit, the MLB had to watch Suh and on run plays fill the gap that he didn't. So they unleashed Suh to pick a gap to penetrate then the MLB had to instantly fill whichever inside gap he didn't take. It's not complicated, but the Dolphins aren't doing it. Which leaves one inside gap uncovered and an MLB back pedaling away from it. By the time the LBs and safeties respond the RB is loose on the second level. A lot on here have questioned how can just coaching make good players sorry, this is how!


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            Coach potatoes/Armchair Quarterbacks know more about how to run an NFL defense then the current defensive coordinator of the Miami Dolphins. The only positive is that as fans we only have to deal with his horrific coaching for 13 more games, if that.
            "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton

            “The only thing worse then a liar is a liar that’s also a hypocrite!” - Tennessee Williams


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              One more game.

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            If Coyle can't mount at least a competent defense, with the roster we have, there can be NO doubt that he SUX!


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              From what I have seen and read, Suh is fitting in, which he did very nicely vs Buff in this scheme. Wake and OV have been hurting, and it is hard to judge when half the DL is not what it should be.

              If anyone says injuries are part of the game and you deal with it, I'm gonna explode. Wake and OV are our pass rushers. If they cannot go at full strength, Shelby and Fede have not proven to be remotely close to their equal


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                Who made the decisions on our defensive personnel, because frankly, it's offensive. We chose to have no MLB when we opted to go with Sheppard. We already knew Misi is a lousy DE and OLB. If we do stop teams on 1st and 2nd downs Taylor or McCain are more than happy to give up an easy 1st down completion on 3rd downs. Like I said on our season prediction, if we are what Philbin and Co. are selling us we can be 13-3. If they are exactly what we, as fans, have evaluated them as, we will be 3-13. Looks like we were right. AGAIN!


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