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    Here are the facts as I see them playing out...............

    Joe Philbin will be fired sometime within the next four months.

    Stephen Ross doesn't have the guts to fire a coach, even though the entire world knows that coach is inept, so he will have his new bulldog do the dirty work for him.

    Since Ross is the owner and doesn't have the guts to fire employees who are worthless, Tannenbaum will be able to keep his job with the Dolphins.

    With Tannenbaum keeping his job with the Dolphins that will mean that the Miami Dolphins, ONCE AGAIN, will NOT do a complete house cleaning.

    The fact that the Dolphins won't do a complete house cleaning will keep the top coaches to stay clear from any type of coaching job in Miami.

    So, any of you fans who wanted to see Sean Peyton or Chuck Pagano hired if they lose their jobs with their current teams, you should accept the fact that this will NEVER happen with a partial house cleaning.

    This means the the Miami Dolphins will be STUCK with the bottom feeders of the coaching pool.

    Who would want to make the commitment to be the head coach of a team who will be on their third coach in 8 years, but refuses to do complete rebuilds of the team and continues to do PARTIAL ones.

    Stephen Ross = 54 Wins - 58 Loses - And NO complete rebuilds?

    The Miami Dolphins are NOT going to EVER improve with PARTIAL rebuilds!

    If Ross allows this organization to do ANOTHER partial rebuild Tannenbaum will only be able to hire one of his New York buddies because nobody else will want the job.

    Mangini will get hired and the team will keep Tannehill as their starting quarterback and will continue to be MEDIOCRE until the year 2020. (7-9.........8-8.........8-8.......7-9.......7-9...........Fired)

    Is this what fans want or deserve?!?

    The team will continue to do what they've been doing for the past 15 years, to be a mediocre team that is the butt of everyone's jokes and where the home games are only loud when the other team scores.

    Unless Ross sells this team there is only ONE WAY this Dolphins team can turn this thing around, and that is to do a COMPLETE REBUILD, which means they MUST fire EVERYONE!!


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    We've been employing the 'half-measure method' for years, why change something that's been working so wonderfully for us in our recent past?!


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      Go Eagles Go Titans! That's all I got!,,,,,,,,, For now.... Maybe, just maybe, if Chip Kelly fails in Philly....Never mind....


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        Originally posted by HndRkyaBong34 View Post
        Go Eagles Go Titans! That's all I got!,,,,,,,,, For now.... Maybe, just maybe, if Chip Kelly fails in Philly....Never mind....
        Yeah, I know what you''re saying. Chip Kelly = Total Control

        Chip Kelly would never go from total control to no control. If Ross...................Guts This Fish................... then there is hope for getting coaches like Chip Kelly, Sean Peyton, Chuck Pagano, etc. but if they don't, we will just get a mediocre coach to assure that the Dolphins remain mediocre too. It's becoming harder and harder each year to support this team.


        • HndRkyaBong34
          HndRkyaBong34 commented
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          I won't support this team with a half ass rebuild... period! " Doing the same thing over and over again"= INSANITY!!!!

        • Driven_Phinsane!
          Driven_Phinsane! commented
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          Where do you think my moniker comes from??!!! LOL...

        • HndRkyaBong34
          HndRkyaBong34 commented
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          It all makes sense now Phinsanity! lol

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        I totally agree, we need a complete house cleaning. Sadly though I don't think its going to happen. Philbin will surely be fired if this season continues on the path its currently on. I think we are stuck with Tannenbaum for awhile. He gradually ruined the Jets and thats why he is hated by Jets fans. He will probably keep the Dolphins mired in mediocrity. I doubt we will get a top level HC if he is here and so the cycle continues to repeat itself by not making a complete house cleaning.


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