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Ross, this one's on you

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  • Ross, this one's on you

    "Ross created this mess by not firing him first following the whole Bully-gate BS, then again at the end of last season. Armando has reported that Marino and TBaum both wanted Philbin gone as well, but Ross made him untouchable as Philbin reports directly to him."

    By Cuch

    Ross should own and let Marino and TBaum run the organization. If both of the guys you hired are telling you what the problem is and you keep the Coach anyways....what good is it to even have this position as an owner, save your money and let Dan and TBaum go.....

    Could you believe the conversation after a game like yesterday between Dan and Philbin if Dan "had" the ability to do his job???? No, instead we have a hand holding love fest and cuddle session in Ross's office......

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