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  • baffling defense

    they showed a clip that had 3 people blocking suh.
    so if suh was occupying 3 people that meant 2 other miami players where not covered by anyone,what the hell where they doing.
    2 players roaming free and still know one could make a play.
    coyle's defense must be so messed up 2 players unoccupied can get lost in the coyle triangle!

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    Poorly coached, no fire, confused and mostly just not playing hard. They have quit on Coyle...


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      This defense has gone down hill every year since Philbin took over as HC and Coyle as DC, when Nolan left, this was a TOP 5 DEFENSE. They had the full personnel for a 3-4 but Coyle did not like a 3-4 so he changed it to a 4-3 knowing we did not have the correct personnel to run it, he is to blame for the defense completely. this is a true in life thing, you have to adapt to the curve balls your given. Coyle does not, he is a terrible coach, and with at least 2 terrible coaches we are in trouble. My consensus on Lazor is still out, he does not have a line to work with at all.
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        Philbin once again decided to keep a friend instead of firing an incompetent Coach. Nepotism at its best. Loyalty to a fault. I'm sure players get yelled at and blamed and Coaches can do no wrong. I wouldn't want to play for such a coaching staff myself.
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