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Worst Dolphins Team Ever

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  • Worst Dolphins Team Ever

    Sorry as of right now it is. I have been watching this team for 45 years and I do not remember them ever being this non-competitive. Even when we only won one game we were somewhat in the games but just couldn't pull them out. This is the first time we have ever looked this bad. Worst Fins team ever.

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    I've been right there with you for 45 years and I agree.
    Can we sign this guy?


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      Jason Fox and Dallas Thomas together on the left side of the OL was simply asking to be dominated by team with as much Defensive talent as the Bills.

      Still don't understand why they're not giving Billy Turner a chance at his natural position of LT. Even if he struggles, he can't be worse than Fox. Dallas Thomas again today failed to recognize and pick up rushers. No idea how he could lose track of Jerry Hughes repeatedly and allow Hughes to blow by him with regularity.

      And the receivers... I realize the field and the ball was wet, but Jennings, Landry, and Matthews all had critical drops that killed drives before the game got out of hand. The INT on Landry was a dagger to the heart. The game felt like it was over at that point.

      Lazor's playcalling continues to be bizarre and seems to get worse. The end-arounds from Landry and lack of rush attempts from Miller and Gray were annoying.

      And Coyles pisses me TF off constantly. Nothing like watching Suh and Wake waste their talent and energy running ineffective stunts instead of doing what they do best. Suh was lined up against the RG, then moved across the line to attack the LG while the run for the TD goes into the hole that Suh vacated. That's on Coyle, continuously running pointless stunts on the DL and this sort of shit was why Coyles was called out by his defense twice last season. Shitcan him and either hire Jim Schwartz or promote the LB coach to DC.


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