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Philips a healthy scratch today

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  • Philips a healthy scratch today

    WTF? He's your second round pick and he's inactive today... Anyone really wonder why this staff is questioned?

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    You beat me to it. WTF!
    Armando Salguero@ArmandoSalguero 12m12 minutes ago
    Inactive list: Billy Turner, Branden Albert, Tony Lippett, Dion Sims, Matt Hazel, Raheem Mostert, Phillips.


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      Sad..2 Games in to the season and the conditioning of this team is defiantly in question...


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        And our suffering continues.

        I'm going to say there's more to this. Perhaps he's not buying in to the coaching and has expressed his frustrations.
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        Can we sign this guy?


        • ONole1
          ONole1 commented
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          I think he threw a cup on the ground at practice instead of the garbage can.

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        That would put him on the same page as a lot of disgusted fans. This team is a mess and the season already circling the drain. I'm just angry that I let myself get sucked in and get my hopes up. You'd think as a long time fan of the Lphins I'd know better.


        • HndRkyaBong34
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          Yeah, And some folks wonder why I'm Mr. Doomsday... My "Hope" only comes with change"... And adding the 114 million dollar man doesn't execute change.. Horrible FO move...Along with questionable draft picks according to need...

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        Man this really ruined my day so far. I was really looking forward to seeing a lot from Phillips. IMO win or pink slips just based off of this decision. SMH, WTF!


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          Interesting that we signed Mostert to be our kick returner....but he's not active either. No need to have that big play ability on Special Teams I guess - since we have such a dominant Offense and Defense.


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            The inept of this coaching staff just blows my mind. And to think he has the only sack this year for the Dolphins and he's inactive. Give me a F$%#ing break!! Our coaching staff is the worse in the NFL. In fact we have no coaching. We literally have babysitters for players who have no leadership anywhere in the organization. This is on Ross plain and simple!!


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