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  • Poor Coaching

    Blaming coaches is the easiest criticism to make in the NFL . Coaches are always at the mercy of hindsight, and it's the only role on Sundays that can be carried out without being a professional athlete...

    I wish it wasn't true but it's quite true. still hoping that our Talent rises above uninspired Coaches and make the playoffs this year.
    The happiness of the Dolphin is to exist.... Jacques Cousteau.

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    What makes this so sad is it's so true.
    Can we sign this guy?


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      Sorry Aqua, but i don't see any way this team can rise above the clueless Captain & his Ship of Fools..if anything, the talent that there is on this roster has completely taken on the persona of Queasy Joe; listless, lifeless and as 'stick-in-the-mud' personality-wise you can get! This team plays some of the most uninspiring, boring football i've ever seen - Coincidence? I think not!!...

      Much of the blame has to be laid at the feet of Ross, he's both allowed & accepted mediocrity, so at this point it pretty much is what it is...


      • AquaXI
        AquaXI commented
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        Ross ultimately to blame for Queasy Joe. Tannenbaum was not there so I hope he can change this staff and hire a successful coaching staff. Damn we lost out in Bowles!

      • Driven_Phinsane!
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        yeah, i don't blame Ross for the Philbin hiring (though i wasn't a fan of the hire) but i do blame him for keeping him on another freakin' year..At some point he's gonna hafta get a clue! I do hope that Tannenbaum was brought in to do the dirty work and that if the team continues to crash & burn in the next few weeks, he's not hesitant to pull the trigger. Philbin is not the answer,, not even close!

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      PISS POOR from top to bottom. From the GM to most of the players, this team as a whole has been PISS POOR so far. I'm still not over that loss and it actually feels like two losses in a row because it should've been. If they want to turn this thing around they can START at the core of the game of football by being violent and physical team especially in the trenches.


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