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Thoughts on the FIRST Preseason Game

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  • Thoughts on the FIRST Preseason Game

    What a mixed bag...but hey...I guess that is preseason.


    1, First team offense and defense both looked good
    2. The defense particularly was disruptive and strong
    3. Deon Sims looked good
    4, Back up LB Vigil looked talented and was all over the place
    5. Landry looked good
    6. Good run by Lamar Miller. He was strong, but not much room to run.


    1. 4 turnovers by the back-ups is bad even for back-ups
    2. Injuries to Jordan Tripp and Chris McCain at LBs is concerning because no depth there
    3. Back-up QBs were shaky. I liked Bethel-Thompson his first series then made some bad throws that were picks.
    4. Offensive line was not impressive at any depth

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    A lot of the 1st preseason game shakiness. The first unit offense looked good as is, but remember no Stills, Parker, Cameron, Ajayi or Albert! That's an awful lot of talent not on the field and still looked very good. The first unit defense didn't play for very long and they were missing Misi arguably their best LB. But there were some great glimpses on both sides of the ball. First, you can see the disruption that Suh is going to cause and how it is going to free up Wake and Vernon. Our starting safeties looked good and it doesn't appear that cornerback will be a concern. Other than the depth concerns this defense is poised to have an awesome year. I also believe that Vigil looked very good and that he, Luc and/or Hull will give us solid play at LB for depth. As for the offense, think about how any team in NFL history would look without their starting LT, 2 of top 3 WRs, starting TE and #2 RB? For this offense to look so prolific, so early and so short handed is a really great sign. It's only game 1 of preseason, but I still see even more room for optimism than any time since the early Marino years.


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      I'm still not sold on the O-line but the first drive at least help me learn temperance with regard to the line. That first drive wasn't perfect but showed what I hope is signs of what this offense can do.

      The first D as well. Hats off even if it's a limited performance. I'm finally excited about the season and not just talking myself into excitement about the season.

      Vigil was the best of the rest to me, the kid earned a longer look in the next preseason game


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        I would have loved to see Tannehill go deep at least once. Maybe they called it and it just wasn't there. But since it is an area that needs work I would have loved to see a shot.


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          I agree on seeing the deep pass, but not expecting much with Stills and Parker both out. We don't really have another deep threat type receiver. I just wonder how banged up all these new stars really are or are the Dolphins sandbagging a little? Maybe they don't want their full starting offense on display for all to see? I know I was surprised that the most utilized player in the game was Damien Williams. We already know what he brings to the table and it isn't star quality.


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            I think they need to get continuity with the new guys. Don't think they were holding them out on purpose. Especially, Parker being a rookie. I expect to see Jordan, Ajaya and maybe Stills next game.


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              Yeah would have been nice to see Tanny air it out. I though the offense looked a lot like last year. Small passes. Controlled game. Defense was strong but I think the linebacker are a concern. We will be able to tell so much more next game.


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                I was impressed with the minimal number of penalties. I also thought Sims looked good at TE. I also thought the undrafted rookie LB Virgil showed some real instincts and could be a find. I don't know first preseason game is really a over sized scrimmage. I am ready for more!! GLAD FOOTBALL IS BACK!!!


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                  The offensive line played better than I expected. There wasn't a lot of running room for the back ups but Miller had some decent blocking. Especially on his long run where the O line just collapsed the entire Bears D line. I also didn't notice the O line getting shoved back off the ball like we've seen the last few years. All in all I thought it was OK and a positive start.
                  Can we sign this guy?


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