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    Thanks to Matt for getting me started in FF. I needed something to spend many more hours on football in addition to our Phins. My wife also wants to thank you and asked for your phone number to "express her thanks." LOL

    Seriously, I'm very much enjoying this. With some help from my Bad Ass partner, I have had some beginner's luck to win my first two games, making many moves and having some fun while learning.

    Thought it might be good to have a thread for possible trade talk or just a few pre and post game "comments."

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    I have been doing FF for 25 years...My wife finally is doing a team this year with the folks from where she works...she is too funny with it.


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      For the last 12 years my wife is in our fantasy league. She has won the title a couple of times and usually always makes the playoffs every year. Your wife can call my wife, but she'll have to wait until after January, she's too busy with her fantasy football team!


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        I'm new to this compared to you guys. My first year playing fantasy football was 2008. I made it to the championship game and lost. I had no idea what I was doing but I got really lucky because my FF rookie year there were a ton of rookie players that were sitting on the waiver wire and they helped me get to that championship game. I remember having DeSean Jackson, Matt Forte, Steve Slaton, etc. and without that crazy rookie class this rookie would probably have finished in last place.
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          I am in three leagues this year. I enjoy it because it puts meaning to the games other than Miami.


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            We've been dong this for how long now Matt? 16 or 17 seasons? !999 was our first year. I remember because I picked up all the guys from the greatest show on turf and rode them all the way to the championship. My very first year doing fantasy football was in the mid 80s before Al Gore invented the internet and we did it all with pencil and paper. Had to submit a hand written draft list of 200 players. We had to tally our own score each week and submit it to the commissioner to verify. It was a lot of work. Which is probably why I only did it one year.
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            • Phishinphin
              Phishinphin commented
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              The "ZFL"! I also did some pre internet the manual way with coworkers.

            • FinFan in KC
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              It was a lot of fun and, of course, it was all we knew. But it was a fair amount of work. I worked for a large NY Times owned newspaper at the time and some of the sports writers managed it. They took everyone's draft lists and actually handled the draft based on the lists. They verified everyone's scores each week and then updated the standings. I'm sure they appreciate what's available now on the Internet.

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