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A Question on Dolphins Run Game?

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  • A Question on Dolphins Run Game?

    I have seen film clips and analysis on our lack of running, which are great, and posts saying that we have to run more. I have to wonder what Lazor would answer, if he was being honest, as to why.

    I'm just guessing that he may say that 4 of the 5 guys on the OL are now worse to much worse than a year ago, and Pouncey is about the same as Satele so far. He may add that we do miss our TE's run blocking from last year, which was surprisingly pretty good, and now have less than nothing. Miller's health and no second option to run could also enter in.

    Does that make sense to anyone?

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    I didn't see the practice today, did UPS just deliver a run game to the Dolphins HQ today?


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      I may be wrong, but when I watch our offensive line, I see big guys who can move. They seem to have no trouble getting out ahead of a play. But we seldom ask them to do that. We seem to prefer the off tackle stretch play as compared to say the counter trap play that the Redskins used to run. I think if we pulled a guard or guard and tackle across the formation, blocked down with the center and other guard and trapped the DT at the point of attack the hole would be there. We instead prefer sort of drifting left (or right), hand fighting the defense and hoping a hole forms itself somewhere before we get to the sideline and the back sees it and accelerates through it. Another problem with this drifting / hoping blocking scheme, is no one is responsible for creating a hole at any particular place or time. So, if it doesn't happen you can't correct it. No one was supposed to block a particular defender, and no one did.


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        The Dolphins O Line does not fire of the ball. They slide down the line which essentially puts them on their heels and allows the defense to attack them. When a line is struggling you need to let them fire and build some confidence. I have no problem with the ZBS but all the best ones in history allowed the big uglies to fire...Miami does not.


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          That's my point, there are some variations of zone blocking. Ours is drift sideways and hope something happens. I hate it! Fire off the ball, get into a defender and block him. This is football not patty cakes!

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        I rarely see our o-line create running lanes for the RB. It looks we run stretch plays where the RB drifts to the left or right looking for a hole which does not exist and he just ends up running into the pile and he tries to push it forward as much as he can. It looks very sloppy to me and no wonder its easy to defend.


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