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    While you guys keep your eyes on Joe Philbin, I'm going to keep a close eye on the Chuck Pagano situation in Indianapolis. His days may be numbered as Andrew Luck and the offense are flaming out, big time, through two games. The Colt's front office surely remembers how Luck and company were setting fire to the NFL when offensive minded, Bruce Arians, stepped in for Pagano during his illness. If the Colts see fit to replace a frustrated Pagano with a more offensive leaning HC, the Dolphins better be ready to pounce on Chucky to take charge of our fledgling defense. Philbin doesn't have it in him to quit on Coyle so quickly. Thankfully, Mike Tannenbaum is in just the position to make the move for him.
    What do we know of Pagano? He ran a pretty effective 4-3 down in Baltimore; a defense that shut down pretty much any offense it went up against, especially Tom Brady and the Patriots. If the pieces we have now really are as strong as we've been led to believe, then let's get a guy in here that knows how to move those pieces around. Our strength is supposed to be defense. Running a defense is Pagano's strength. Let's see if we can get the right mind matched up with our muscle and get this ship steered straight.
    It's a match made in heaven. Let's see if the Gods are finally smiling down on us.

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    That's a long shot don't you think. A positive idea though.


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      He made it to the championship in the AFC so good enough credentials for Ross also.
      The happiness of the Dolphin is to exist.... Jacques Cousteau.


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        You know, there's already rumblings that the GM and Pagano aren't seeing eye to eye about personnel decisions. The offense looks ugly. Pagano is altogether fuming. How about trading for him. He is as important as a player when it comes to effective defense.


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          It's a long shot but so is me wanting to sign Gruden away from his fat contract with the network. I am all for any coach who isn't named Mangini or McDaniels.
          "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton

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            Originally posted by kelbail21 View Post
            You know, there's already rumblings that the GM and Pagano aren't seeing eye to eye about personnel decisions. The offense looks ugly. Pagano is altogether fuming. How about trading for him. He is as important as a player when it comes to effective defense.
            I guess I don't get it...Why would the Dolphins want to hire Pagano when he's currently doing the same thing Philbin is doing? Losing. Their offense suxs right now about as bad as the Dolphins do. The Dolphins hire other team's cast offs or fired coaches every 3-4 years and are surprised when they don't win. Why not hire Sporano or Wannstadt again? Why not wait till the end of the year, and hire a winning coaching staff from a winning team? Ross has the money. With this much talent, some good coaching staff from somewhere ought to be interested. Einstein once said "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results", and the Dolphin administration proves him right every year.......


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              I could be wrong, but I believe Kelbail was thinking about Pagano as a DC, not a HC....

              Like when Wade Phillips was a great DC then became a terrible HC, now back as a great DC....

            • Tarpon Guide
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              That makes more sense. Still, they are gonna need a HC soon too.

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            Well, I never cared for Wannstedt and Sporano is an O line coach. Pagano has been a very successful defensive coach everywhere he's been. I personally don't like defensive coaches as head coaches because they can't focus all their energy on the defense and they push the offense to be too conservative. I don't want Philbin fired. I'm glad his hand picked offensive coordinator got the axe and now I'd like to see Coyle get it too. Pagano got a HC job because of defensive accumen and by making a darn good Ravens defense even better when he got the DC job. The HC job is a whole different animal, just ask meathead in Buffalo. I did recently joke about bringing Tom Olivadotti back as DC with as ugly as it's been.


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              Espn was talking that jim harbaugh might go to Indy and reunite with Luck, if that's true let's steal Harbaugh from the Colts.... Ross and Harbaugh can talk about Wolverines all day. I know I'm dreaming


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                The Indianapolis Colts' depressing 0-2 start to the 2015 season has magnified the rift between coach Chuck Pagano and general manager Ryan Grigson.
                The coach's postgame comments Monday night regarding the poor play of the offensive line the last three seasons were seen as a direct shot across the bow of upper management, even if it wasn't.
                Winning has masked the philosophical divide between Pagano and Grigson in the past and could again if the Colts' season gets back on track -- starting today against the Tennessee Titans.
                NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported on NFL Network'sGameDay First Sunday morning that people close to Pagano believe the coach has "doubts" he will return to Indy next year.
                "So often we talk about coaches on the hot seat, the reality is, Pagano put himself on the hot seat," Rapoport said. "He declined a one-year contract extension from the Colts, choosing to bet on himself and hopefully cash in at the end of the year. But now they have started 0-2 and, as I said, there are some doubts from him that he will return."
                Both sides have denied fissures exist in their relationship, despite the outward signs and multiple reports to the contrary.
                As Rapoport points out, it's natural for a coach and general manager to disagree on certain players, development strategies and playing time. It happens across the NFL. The dichotomy is why Bill Parcells once famously said of being a coach/general manager: "If I'm going to be asked to cook the meal, I'd like to be able to pick the groceries."
                Some working situations are irreconcilable. As we saw in San Francisco last season, those issues can erode a team's season.
                Rapoport reports that some within the Colts organization are already "weary" of the storylines of the divide.
                "The reality in Indianapolis is every word is being measured and examined," he said. "They may be too far gone in Indianapolis now."



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