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A Few Thoughts After Week # 2

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  • A Few Thoughts After Week # 2

    Our O has scored 3 TD's, doing nothing in crunch time. Ain't gonna work.

    Our D has only given up 33 points but, no one, in their wildest imagination, can say they played well.

    OL- As many are expecting this, I thought Dallas had a second bad game. I watched every snap he played last year, and at OG in 6 games he played better, and improved in the off season. What's different? Albert being All Pro to a shell of himself, and Pouncey helping Douglas more than Samson helped Dallas last year. IMO, that does matter. James has been disappointing as well, which few thought would happen. Pouncey has been the only one who was good in two games.

    TE- Cameron has played well as a receiver. However, last year Clay and Sims helped (James especially) in being fair in pass protect but, good on run blocking. Miller is missing them.

    LB- Jenkins and Misi have been good. Mike is a problem, which everyone anticipated. There was no one available to fill the need.

    DB- We really miss Delmas as the QB and cheerleader. Hope Aikens develops on the run. At CB, I wanted one in the worst way in FA, as did others. We did not make the move, and it is a problem unless Taylor plays to his talent and stays healthy. We have no other boundary CB ready to play.

    Just my $.02 FWIW.

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    The o-line is pathetic which is disappointing since we have 3 former first round picks on it.

    Tannehill is the same QB. He puts up decent stats but it doesn't really amount to anything significant. 15 ppg.

    Landry Mathews and Cameron have been impressive.

    The D-line is the biggest disappointment so far. Our entire defense is predicated on them being dominant and they have been anything but.

    MLB is a major hole.

    Secondary which has been affected by the poor showing of the D-line has not performed well either. Allowing Blake Bortles to have maybe his best career game.

    If the D-line and O-line don't get their act together we are going to have a miserable season.


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