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Our many needs

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  • Our many needs

    HC - I think that should be obvious by now that Philbin will only lead this team to mediocrity.

    LT - Branden Albert can't stay healthy. It seems like every other series he is on the ground with some kind of injury.

    OG - Dallas Thomas is who he is.

    RB - Lamar Miller is simply a finesse complimentary back. We need a big tough physical workhorse.

    MLB - Jenkins is fine as our WLB. Jordan should lose the weight he gained and be our SAM LB next year. Sheperd and Vigil are not starting caliber MLB's.

    DB - Grimes is getting older and McCain and Taylor are mediocre.

    FS - Aikens doesn't appear to be the answer there.

    DE - Wake is getting older and OV is probably not worth resigning.

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    Wow. I didn't think we had this many holes but this sounds pretty accurate. I might disagree on Miller. I think he can be more. He's just being used wrong.
    Can we sign this guy?


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