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    I hate to tell you I told you so. I had no confidence after the Redskins game. Something told me Uh oh... .Philbin needs to be fired​ ASAP. It won't happen before the Bills game, but after it, see ya. or the fans will be seeing seeya!

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    If they keep this path Ross will fire Philbin late in the season but it wont be until MIami is officially out of the playoofs.


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      Do it now! Why wait?
      Can we sign this guy?


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        Super bowl talent with a coaching staff dead last. I'd rather had had Sparano for 8 years. There I said it. We do have the pieces guys to go all the way!!!
        Just frolic and live in the now like Dolphins and Man's best friend.


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          Well I have to concede, this team is totally lost. As much talent as anyone and no direction on either side of the ball. How can you make Suh look so bad and Odrick look so good in the same game? Coaching staff has to go, the sooner the better. I would feel the same way had we pulled out the miracle win at the end. It should have never come down to that!


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            Philbin will be fired by seasons end and we will clean house. I was listening to a radio talk show tonight on 560 WQAM in Miami and the host said that the Dolphins need an "Organizational enema". He is completely right. We always do things in half measures. We keep GM and fire the coach and then we fire the GM and keep the coach. I can see this this season turning into a disaster. We were fortunate to be 1-1 after playing perhaps the 2 weakest teams on our schedule.

            The problems we have had keep remaining problems. The o-line stinks and we have weaknesses at LB and in the secondary. Even the things we are supposed to do well, we don't. We should have a dominant D-line but we don't. We still have a lot of holes on our roster but Philbin is clearly not the answer for this team. We never come out fired up for a game. We sleepwalk for most of the first half. Then when the game is on the line at the end our defense folds. Its the same old story every year.


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              Look at the bright side. There's only 14 more games before we can look forward to the new administration annihilating the 2016 draft.


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