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  • Overrated defense

    Defense is vastly overrated. Suh has been a bust, no LB's can make plays. Secondary is sad

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    I think suh's getting lost in the defensive scheme that isn't counteracting what the opposing team is doing to try to eliminate suh from being a factor


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      Reshad Jones and Jelani Jenkins are the only players that have shown up on Defense. The rest are still sitting in their new Lazy-Boys.


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        Well I definitely overrated them. I drafted them in both of my fantasy leagues. :-/
        Can we sign this guy?


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          First off they need to be motivated, pumped up and a fire lit under there A$$es. I think they need to bring back the 5-2 as they can't stop the run and would put a strength in to replace a weakness(NT-MLB). We did it last year and I've been vouching for it since before we lost Big Paul. OV, Mitchell, Phillips, Suh, Wake, Misi, and Jenkins should be able to stop the run as the DE's will be farther apart to better set the edge and 3 DT's in the middle keeping the LBs from getting hung up on O-linemen while plugging up running lanes. I'm not saying run it all the time but to run it early in the game in hopes of getting 3rd and longs to get the D off the field in hopes the O can stay on the field and get a decent lead so the D can pin their ears back and bring in the Speed package.


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            I thought the same thing from the beginning, we have NO MLB so it only makes sense to run a 5-2....Hey, but what do I know, I'm just a dumbarse fan...not an experienced know it all coach....

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