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    If I'm not mistaking wasn't his first play in the reg. a SACK(only one of the game). IMO we need to see more of him. I know when we picked him it bummed a lot of people out considering our needs but is he starting to change anybodys mind yet? It's only one game but so far so good

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    I have to admit, I didn't know him and was disappointed we took a DT. When I looked him up I see he is an incredibly huge man and incredibly athletic. I watched some tape and found that it was very rare for a blocker to keep him from the play. He did appear to take plays off and seemed to lack motivation some times. I also noticed he often gobbled up 2 or 3 blockers. Sometimes looking like the NCAA version of Suh. So I felt like it is up to the coaches and veterans to motivate this guy as a pro, but he can play!


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      Guys like him are hard to find, and if can be a Wilfork clone, I'll take it. The Dolphins realistically won't be in the Super Bowl (one can wish, however), and If I'm not mistaken, there are a few quality Tackles and Guards worth a 2nd or 3rd round pick. So far, the defense has been a bit more a let down...for a half. The 2nd half adjustments were, for the Dolphins surprisingly good. It also didn't hurt that the opponent was truly inferior. If that had been a top 12 NFL team, the Dolphins might very well be 0-1 now.
      From what Barry Jackson has said previously, Phillips is working hard, and the taking plays off, at least in practice is not evident.
      Go Dolphins!!


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        The guy is an animal. He just drives his guy back in the passing game and collapses the QBs space to step up. He's really good at getting his hands up too while pushing the OG back. He's going to knock down a lot of passes. I still think we should have taken one of the premiere MLBs but Phillips could change my mind about that pretty quickly from what I've seen so far. Ironically, it's his play that had me considering packages that had Ndamukong Suh rushing from theDE spot which we might end up seeing this week. Sacking the QB on your first NFL play is a good sign.


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          with all our injuries, we might see more of him Sunday.


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            Mitchell is banged up so we should see a ton from Phillips and Francis.
            Armando Salguero@ArmandoSalguero 50s50 seconds ago
            A.J. Francis, inactive first two weeks, will be active today.

            Armando Salguero@ArmandoSalguero 31m31 minutes ago
            Regardless of whether Earl Mitchell is active, he's clearly not 100 percent.

            Armando Salguero@ArmandoSalguero 34m34 minutes ago
            Earl Mitchell workout over. Pregame decision on availability made. I wish I could read lips.


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              NEVERMIND, WTF are the Dolphins thinking. Is Phillips and Turner injured?
              Armando Salguero@ArmandoSalguero 4m4 minutes ago
              Jordan Phillips, the only Dolphins player with a sack, is inactive.


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