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Anyone going to the game?

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  • Anyone going to the game?

    It seems to me that several people may be in driving distance. Just curious if anyone is going to the game?

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    I'm in NC now and the last time I saw the Fins play in Jacksonville it wasn't fun. Was Danny's last game in a blowout loss. I went with friends who lived in Jax and were Dolphin fans until The Jags started. They turned into nasty fans, and literally I was ready to punch a couple of them in the throat. So even if I lived back in FL, not sure I would go...bad things man, bad thingsssss


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      A little far for me to drive, so I'm flying down tomorrow morning and going.

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        Are you really going?

      • Loserbugman
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        Yup, I've got an aunt and uncle in St. Augustine with a few sets of Jaguars season tickets, and they invited me down.

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      I avoid Jax like the plague, too many damn shootings in Jax. I'd be hard pressed to tell my wife I'm going to a Football game there when I refuse to go to any of the concerts she has asked to go to.
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