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    If anybody is 2nd guessing their decision to pass on the Sunday Ticket, Directv is now offering Sunday Ticket Max for $167.00. 4 installments of $41.75.

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    You got a better deal then I did. I called in and asked if they have any deals on the Sunday Ticket. The "genius" tells me that they have a deal for 6 installments of $38. (Which equals $228) I told him that I was going to pass and that I felt that price was a little high. Without skipping a beat he tell me that they have another offer and wondered if I would be interested in this one. It was 6 installments of $32 which is a total of $192 and a savings of $36. Why didn't he just offer me that in the beginning? Directv works off commission?
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      I don't have DirecTV but my parents just moved last October and got DirecTV and so I called them up inquiring if they got the NFL Tickets for free last year or if this year will be the free year and they said last year but since we didn't know they gave them the Max package at $25/month for 4 month for $100 total and I can watch it on my Xbox One in my home and not have to go to a bar and watch it so I got the best deal it seems.


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        NFL Game Pass START WATCHING

        Only $99.99
        Or four payments of $29.99


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