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same coachng, same results!

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  • same coachng, same results!

    miami went out and spent 100's of millions on FA,and the team looks the same as is did last year.
    they couldn't get going on off. in the 1st half,sound familiar!
    couldn't stop the run, no penetration from the d-line,huge holes and lbers not plugging up the holes,lbers not making contact till after the rbs clear the d-line and then they couldn't tackle a baby on it's first steps. jones is the only person who can tackle on first contact,no difference than last year...
    so as someone else mentioned ,what is the common thing ,still the same coaches coaching!
    philbin is in the locker room telling his players ,this is good we won we will have to work on a few things,I'd be screaming my lungs out at these guys for winning because the other guys gave the win to you,and a select few played their hearts out and won it for them(landry and jones)

    I saw suh talking to philbin ,and he didn't look happy about what he was saying to him,wonder what that was about. they ran the ball away from suh and the right side of the d-line took the day off!

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    I like Philbin as the uncle I never had but he couldn't coach or motivate if his life depended on it.
    The happiness of the Dolphin is to exist.... Jacques Cousteau.


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      the real coaching is what comes from this game.did they learn anything from this game.
      2 weeks from now they have buffalo coming to town and today they where hungry on defense.
      from what I saw is, when tacklers can't tackle it's usually because it's a momentum thing. if a rb has momentum going forward and tacklers don't have momentum or their momentum is coming late or at a bad angle ,that defender looses every time. when zack thomas played he was a smaller lb but because his momentum was always going forward and when he hit a player he usually stopped the momentum of the other player .to me that says that the rb today had momentum going forward and the lbers didn't have momentum going forward like thomas always had,so the rbs where either running them over or they where giving up a lot of yrds after contact.lbers weren't flying into the holes to plug up the hole they where waiting for the rbs to come to them with a head of steam and they weren't moving. coyle needs to fix this problem.


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        Agree, but doubt Coyles learned anything. Good thing was Suh barking at Philbin right now in game 1. He should be pissed.

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