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Jamar Taylor is pure garbage

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  • Jamar Taylor is pure garbage

    Was beaten over and over and over again. If we don't get pressure and have to count on the DBs we are in trouble.

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    I put the D on Coyle. He is hot garbage as a DC. He's a good position coach, but a horrible game planner and play caller. Consistently putting player out of position and plays loose coverage. If Philbin wants to save his job he should fire him now, but we all know that wont happen.


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      Coyle is quoted as saying he wants this defense to be feared and respected. He'll be lucky if this defense isn't flat out laughed at the way they played today. Kudos to the INT's but cousins is known for that. Jones was the only guy I saw on defense who was ballin.
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        A garbage pick from a garbage general manager.
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          Kept Taylor and W Davis and traded away Vontae Davis. Thanks" Kicker". Reshad Jones IS the man. Thank you, #20. That's heart! Landry is a beast but you are player of the game.
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            In all fairness I don't believe Davis is the CB he is today if he stays in Miami. He was constantly late to practice, didn't flim study and showed up to practice drunk. I think trading him woke him up and he matured.


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              Taylor is a dumpster fire! I think we will be picking someone up this week. I had so many words going on the wife sent me to the garage.


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