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Boomer - Dolphins A Super Bowl Contender ?

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  • Boomer - Dolphins A Super Bowl Contender ?

    Boomer loves the additions that the Dolphins have made this offseason but he really loves the Dolphins schedule. He mentioned the Dolphins schedule and all the QB's that they will be facing and he thinks the Dolphins will go about 7-2 to start off the season and he then said the Miami Dolphins are a Super Bowl contender.

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    A few people have said Miami will be the surprise team in the AFC.


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      Don't believe in jinxes so I predict Miami players takes selfies with a guy name Trump in a Flat painted White!
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        After what I just witnessed in that game, they have a long way to go. We were lucky to come out with the win.
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          They were a big surprise to me today, but not in a good way. Tanneill is still Tannehill. That really tough AND EXPENSIVE defense everyone was talking about looked like the same, cheaper, defense that they had last season. Coyle better get his act together and make some changes and get the right players in position, take the players who suck out of the game (Taylor) and teach these guys how to tackle.


          • Dolfan1
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            You know I usually support Tanny but today I saw exactly what you saw. Over throwing everyone and causing Sims to go out with a concussion.

          • ONole1
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            Tannehill had one of his worst games as a pro today. He had two TD's that he made horrible passes and threw three picks that Washington dropped with at least one of them a pick 6.

          • Daytona Dolfan
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            Let's hope it gets it out of his system soon. I still think Miami should draft a QB with the thought of letting him grow into the job.

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