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'Twas The Night Before

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  • 'Twas The Night Before

    Twas the night before opening day
    the fins and skins getting ready for a fray

    at quarterback one had a budding star
    the other, nothing but pieces of afar

    the battle to take place in the capital of the USA
    the victor, will return home to the south beach and bay

    the fans of south beach have a true feeling of hope
    this feeling in the past few years, has sadly been a feel of "nope"

    Kirk cousins will know nothing but SUH and WAKE
    Ryan Tannehill will be so hot he'll be like an oven turned to "bake"

    His temperature will be too high for the gauge to handle
    he'll burn the deadskins defense all day, like a Yankee candle

    Us dolphin fans know what potential our team has this year
    hopefully, we'll actually be happily drinking some good ole beer

    so come with me my fellow fin fans
    our Dolphins will conquer all the land

    so grab a drink and one hot lady
    well go together and all chant "**** BRADY"

    From D72 on FH

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    I added no worries for Phans for the game in DC because TanneCLAUS Is Coming To Town.


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      Awesome! Thanks for sharing!


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        'twas the day after Sunday
        And all through the redskin house
        Glass,pillow feathers, and TV in pieces!!!
        Just frolic and live in the now like Dolphins and Man's best friend.


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