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Whats your game day ritual?

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  • Whats your game day ritual?

    We all have certain rituals, like I HAVE to drink coffee from my Dolphins helmet mug every game day morning. What is yours? Certain clothes you have to wear? Good luck charm? Favorite Jersey or food?

    What is your game day ritual?


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    Warn my Wife what time the game is coming on so she can leave and making sure that I'm in front of the TV at Kickoff.
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      Put a jersey on. White Wake jersey for away games, aqua Tannehill jersey for home, aqua Ronnie Brown for preseason, and thick aqua throwback Marino jersey for 1 winter game against a good QB.


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        On early games, I go with the Lone Ranger and silver bullets, although I do not leave one behind. I started this when Coors was illegal to have in Miami.

        I start at 11 with the Philbin Show, followed by local analysis with Kimbo, Congemi, etc. Then it's surfing through pre-game shows, followed by the game, and local post game with pressers, etc. while reading and posting to the forum for hours after the game.

        I start with a case of beer, and seldom go through all 24. It's mostly in the 12 to 18 range, with a few hairs of the dog for Mon. Friends drink different beers, etc which do not count.

        My wife and I also put out more food than can be eaten, with left overs for MNF. It helps some with the consumption of MANY BEERS.


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          I treat the game like it's a date. I am an early riser so I wake up and make sure I get ALL my responsibilities done before 8am. If my workout falls on Sunday, that is the first thing I get out of the way. Once I take care of all my early morning "chores" I make my way into my bathroom around 8am. I shave and then shower. After that I put on my game day jersey of choice, and the rest of my clothes of course, then I head to the kitchen to grab my Dolphins mug and fill it with whatever I feel like drinking that day. Then, I go into the garage/gym to grab my NFL ball that I hold during the entire game. I will place it on the chair where I plan to sit, put down my drink and then head to the kids room to make sure they have their jerseys ready to be put on. After that, it's usually about 9am and just in time for the pre-game shows which I like to watch and to get me pumped up for some Dolphins football.
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            I head to the UNC(Ukrainian national club)where I get the members discount on beer,do some pull tabs and 12 hot wings at half time and some games scream at the tv with a hand full of miami fans.


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              Ill get a workout in before the wife & kids wake up and start the prepping of the game feast and any chore that needs to be done. Ill usually crack the 1st brew or Johnnie Black at noon and from there its on. I have a new Tannihill Jersey from my son so ill try and see how that works out I usually go with Z.Thomas or J.Taylor or S.Madison


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                Game day I drink coffe from a specific cup I call the Sunday mug. I have these little gum ball machine helmets from the late 60s or early 70s that I line up facing the direction the team is going. I turn them at the beginning of each quarter to face the proper direction. After each score I tap a bobble head dolphin player on the head. At the end of each game I ask the gods why we lost. Hoping the last part changes to thanking the gods for winning.


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                  I've get meat smoking on the grill. Watch some pregame till game time. At that point will fill my dolphins mug with draft beer from my dolphins kegerator and start yelling at he TV. With several trips back to the kegerator.


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                    Always turn on ESPN as soon as I get out of bed and leave it on that channel right up to game time then switch to whatever channel the game is on. Grab my morning coffee and turn my computer on to read up on injuries and stuff. Sundays we don't do any work at all except make sure the horse (Single for now) is taken care of so we usually spent the morning on the puter (Like now) and watch the TV at the same time. Come game time, I turn the computer off because I don't like distractions when the game is on. My wife sits on the left side of the love seat and I sit in the recliner to watch the game. At half time I get the garbage out to the road because Monday is garbage pickup. We always have the tv set to two channels, the channel the game is on and the Game mix channel so during commercials I can switch over to the game mix channel to see what is happening in all the other games.
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