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50 Biggest Dolphin Draft Busts

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  • 50 Biggest Dolphin Draft Busts

    Great read from the Miami Herald. Do you agree with this ranking?

    Top 50 Dolphins Draft Busts!
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    Sounds about right to me. I went to round 1 of the 2013 draft, and got to see us botch #1 in person. Though, to be fair, if your defensive line this offseason was Dion Jordan playing and contributing, Olivier Vernon, Earl Mitchell, and Cameron Wake, do you go out and sign Suh? Maybe it was for the best that he didn't pan out.

    "The organization has struggled from a personnel standpoint over the years. For instance, they drafted me in the second round. . . . You don't recover from those types of mistakes." - Rob Konrad


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      I couldn't get the link to work, but I know the list. Quite frankly ever since Shula took over the GM duties we suck at drafting, especially in the early rounds. Jimmy Johnson had a few hits but some serious misses too. Only in these last 2 years do I see talent in every player brought in. A great nucleus of young players that will be the future of the franchise. We have other threads here this week wrestling with the pending cuts. We have young players with some skills we would like to keep around, but we can't keep them all. When Bethard was judging our talent we were the winningest franchise in all of professional sports history. We need to be able to keep filling those reserves with young talent, then as injuries, free agency and retirements take their tolls as they always do, it's next man up. That's the way a champion does things.


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        Oh my! That list is painful. Try this link if you want to subject yourself to torture.
        Can we sign this guy?


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          That is painful alright. I think I could come up with 50 more without too much trouble.


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            Fixed the link. Sorry guys still figuring things out with this new software.


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              I read this on the Herald too. Man, what a way to ge sick.


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                I am OK if I never relive that list again. I mean really? It was like going to the dentist 50 times.


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