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    Good read from PFF on where they think teams will finish this season. They have Miami in the playoffs at #5 in the AFC. Sounds fair at this point.

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    I guess I get first crack since It's only 7:30 pm Hawaii time. I say we are as good as the Colts and have been able to beat them. We are in my book better than Denver, Baltimore, New England. Have you ever bought those newsletters such as Phil Steels Power sweep that predict winners on Vegas odds. It's the same every year, they ride the same teams and their history until the monopoly is no more. Just like these predictions.
    The happiness of the Dolphin is to exist.... Jacques Cousteau.


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      i'll tell you,if a couple things go good miami's way ,they will be fighting for the top of this list. if those couple thing don't go well for them well it could go the other way.
      a couple things that need to go miami's way is ,albert and o-line needs to stay healthy all season. if this doesn't happen it will servery affect their play on offense.
      that goes for the defense,if suh gets injured teams come not nowhere as scared of miami's defense as with suh in the line up.
      the other thing is the coaching staff.I personally don't like philbin as a head coach.his press conf. just make me nauseous.I think a HC can win games by things he does during the game in times of need. i have not seen philbin do that yet and at times he looks like a deer in the headlights.. K coyle also bother me.nothing he's done on the defensive side of the ball gives me any reason to believe that he can coach a defense and call the right call in time of need,he did just the opposite last year.IMHO he called some plays on defense last year that left me scratching my head and screaming at the tv !

      I see miami on the line teetering ,they could go either way.I pray the go the way we all want them to go .it's been so many years that they have had things go the other way ,it's their time that things go their way now!


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