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Coyle to cut down on Rotation

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  • Coyle to cut down on Rotation

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    Good. Why give their O linemen a break? They don't rotate guys. Coyle said he's simplifying things a bit too. Hopefully that means more straight up coverage and base packages when it's working. Remember last year when we kept dropping OV into coverage and they kept throwing to Travis Kelce right past him. I like the idea of not overthinking it. Let all of our guys do what they do best.


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      I'm not sure I'd cut down on the rotation as much as not rotate just based on defensive schemes and down and distance. We're as deep as we've ever been on the d-line, and I think it's important to keep those guys fresh by rotating them in and out. With that said, there are some players who should be on the field most if not all the time. Suh is one of those players. What they did last year was idiotic. They would pull their best players off because of the defensive package they were running. Why in the world would you have players that can't run all the defenses - this is why his defense was too complicated last season. Simplify it so ALL your defense can be on the field at any point in time. The sad thing is it shouldn't take us fans to see how stupid and ineffective Coyle's defense was at the end of last season.
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