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Absurd drought

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  • Absurd drought

    Only 5 teams have a longer drought of not being in a Superbowl than the Dolphins. Jets 1968, Chiefs 1969, Vikings 1976, Browns never, Lions never. I don't count the Jaguars and Texans since they have only been in existence since 1995 and 2002 respectively.

    Its time to put an end to that drought this year!
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    I actually think we have a great chance this year despite our mediocre coaching.
    Just frolic and live in the now like Dolphins and Man's best friend.


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      I am really hoping this drought is coming to an end soon and that we see rain in the near future. I am not sure if I am alone on my thoughts but I am pretty tired of Dolphins fans having to live in the DISTANT past when bragging about our team. We have to talk about the '72 Dolphins and/or wear our Dan Marino jersey's because we don't have anything recent to brag about. It's really kind of sad. In my opinion this team is definitely headed in the right direction. This is a young team with just a few pieces of the puzzle to make it complete. If Coach Philbin AND his staff can prove to the fans that they can improve as much as the players can I think this team can go far. With good coaching I think this team can go far and next season could be a HUGE season for Dolphins fans. They can address the o-line, find a middle lineback and pick up a DB or two and this team looks scary. 2015 AFC East Champions.................then.................... 2016 Super Bowl Champions
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        Works for me.........😀

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      Another good thing in our favor is that the Dolphins were in the last Superbowl in the Bay area and thats where the Superbowl is again this season.


      • Wulf
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        We lost 27-17 at the Rose Bowl in 1983 (SB17), but SB21 (Giants 39 - Broncos 20) and SB27(Cowboys 52, Bills 17) were also played there...
        This year will be the first SB at Levi's Stadium (Santa Clara, CA) To date, WrestleMania-31 has been the biggest event held at that stadium...

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      Wulf The last Superbowl the Dolphins were in was SB 19 which was in Stanford Stadium in Palo Alto. That was the last SB in the SF Bay area. SB 50 will be the first SB in the SF Bay area since then so hopefully that bodes well for the Dolphins returning there.


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