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Phins vs Fins?

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  • Phins vs Fins?

    Just a bit of fun topic. Phins is the abbreviated form of DolPHINS, while Fins on a dolphin are used for propulsion and overall movement.

    Both are used by many Phans/Fans as a name for our team, and the same with forums like Phinzone and Phinatics vs Finheaven and Finsiders, etc.

    Which is more politically correct and descriptive of the Miami team?

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    Like for me I drive a taxi and not always good to flaunt my affiliation since I'm always picking up people from all states so If I was to personalize my plates it'll be FinFan. Could refer to surfing for all they know.
    The happiness of the Dolphin is to exist.... Jacques Cousteau.


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      To me it has to be Phins. Fins can refer to any fish or fishing. Or even rockets and flight. But Phins can only mean Dolphins.


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        Have to agree with Matt. So am I being Politically incorrect calling myself Dolfan1 instead of Dolphin1 or Dolfin1?
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          I think both ways are good and look fine/cool. The only word I don't care for and I have no idea why is "Phan." I am a Dolphins FAN. If I were a Phan I might be Vietnamese instead of Irish. Aha
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            Doesn't matter to me


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              Like what Matt has posted. A fan can be from any team, any sport or, any level. Phan is Dolphins.


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