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  • Sturgis Cut

    Another great draft pick by Ireland. Aha

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    I never believe in drafting kickers. They are readily available as UDFAs. I also felt like Sturgis was good when he was on, but if he missed a kick that he should have made it seemed to get into his head. Kickers are like CBs, they need to have a very short memory and a supreme confidence.


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      I hated the pick but there were enough Gator fans to come at me with their torches. Aha


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        I am a Gator fan. I lived in Gainesville for 15 years. My mother and my son both went to UF and my children and grandchildren still live there. But I still never want my Dolphins to waste a draft pick. When all else is equal, I love to see a Gator, Cane or Nole on the Dolphins roster.

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      Him and the Kicker for the Noles (Name escapes me atm) were the two best kickers in that draft and the kicker for the Noles was grabbed by Buffalo two spots later if memory serves me. At the time EVERYONE thought Carp was toast so it was a very good pickup at that point. Hindsight being 20/20, maybe it wasn't such a good pick now. Both those guys suck today but the Bills grabbed Carp and made out alright.


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        It seems every player the Dolphins releases gets better on other teams, excluding the quarterback position.


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          I knew Sturgis should be left to bike rallies!
          The deeper the roots, the higher the reach.


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