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Tannehill Deep Ball: Twice Tonight

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  • Tannehill Deep Ball: Twice Tonight

    Deep ball one was over thrown by five yards. Doesn't matter Stills was covered.

    Deep ball two: Beauty of a pass. Dropped it right in on Jordan who dropped it. He was covered heavily but I expect a Pro Bowl TE to make that catch. But great throw by Tannehill.

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    Yeah I don't blame Jordan. It was a good defensive play. But yeah...nice toss by Tanny.


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      Ryan looks like a top NFL QB now. He really is playing and leading at a different level. Just wish one of those deep ones would connect!!


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        A few other observations, practice makes perfect. They need to attempt the deep and intermediate range passes much more often to get them down. It can't be a Hail Mary once a game. Second, I expect a pro bowl TE to beat man coverage by a safety, let alone any LB. Think we have an LB that can cover Gronk one on one? They need to take the handcuffs off this offense. Other than those 2 passes, there were two 8 yards down the field. All the other passes were of the 2 to 3 yard variety. Face it folks, look around where you are sitting right now, inside is okay. 2 yards is 6 feet the length of your sofa. The defenses are packing in on them crowding the line of scrimmage, stuffing running lanes and pressuring QB. You have to threaten the entire field on every play, make the opponents defense play you straight up. If we don't see this open up with the regular season I am off the Philbin bandwagon. I put the ultra conservative play calls on his plate since they have been consistent no matter who the OC is. We have the weapons, Tannehill now has the experience, let my people go!


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