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Ireland picked 3 first rounders in 2012

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  • Ireland picked 3 first rounders in 2012

    How would the 2012 NFL Draft play out now after the demotion of Robert Griffin III and release of Trent Richardson? The Redskins and Browns get shots at redraft redemption.

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    It was a pretty impressive draft for us - and laid the foundation for what is becoming a good team. Hopefully we can keep them together.....


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      I will give Ireland credit for a good 2012 draft. He made some good decisions as our GM but he made too many bad decisions and thats why he lost his job. Its amazing when you look at the top 8 players chosen in that draft, the only player I would rather have over Ryan Tannehill is Andrew Luck.


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        - Round One -
        - Ryan Tannehill -

        - Round Two -
        - Jonathan Martin -

        - Round Three -
        - Olivier Vernon -
        - Michael Egnew

        - Round Four -
        - Lamar Miller

        - Round Five -
        - Josh Kaddu -

        - Round Six -
        - B.J. Cunningham -

        - Round Seven -
        - Kheeston Randall -
        - Rishard Matthews - (Pick 227) - Even a broken clock is accurate twice a day. Someone got lucky with this pick.

        Nope...........not seeing it.
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          That's cool. Don't tell Cuch and Kelbail where OV was drafted.


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            Oh man. I admit I'm not a big fan of OV as a pass rusher where he looks strong but a little uncoordinated. However, he has been outstanding setting the edge against the run and damming up that corner. It's made me have to look closer at his value. He has this whole season to show me that he can really get after the QB. Don't think I'm not rooting for him. He just has a long way to go to reach his "$10 million/year starting price". That's Cam Wake money and he certainly hasn't reached anywhere near that plateau. The table is set for him to explode in 2015. If he earns a big payday, show him the money but I don't think any of us would be happy if OV was our first round pick that year.


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