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    Devante Parker,

    This is what I see.

    Has very good speed but not elite speed, 4.45.

    Very good in traffic, very physical, not afraid of contact.
    Great YAC runner.
    Hand catcher, doesn't let ball get to body.
    Competes for the ball in the air and wins, coverage and traffic do not distract his focus on the ball.
    Runs all routes, short long, inside, outside and screens.

    Comparison, a bigger faster Jarvis Landry.

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    Jordan Phillips,

    This guy is at least interesting,

    Steal or Bust, probably nothing in between.

    Great athleticism, can do a standing back flip in pads and helmet, can do a 2 handed, flat footed slam dunk of a basketball. Pretty impressive for a man that is 6'5" 330 pounds.
    Lazy? Takes plays off? Low Motor? Maybe.

    I also see a lot of indecision, seems to have no clue how to play DT. Looks a lot like sandlot player. He is either uncoachable or uncoached, we will find out which.

    On the plus side, looking at some of his game tape, the only one that ever kept him from getting where he wanted on the field was him. It is up to our coaching staff and veterans like Suh to figure out why. Physically he is a rookie version of Wilfork, weather he ever becomes that player between the ears is the margin between Steal and Bust on this guy.


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      Jay Ajayi,

      Balance, burst, change of direction.

      Elite footwork and vision.
      Runs inside and out.
      Eludes tackles with bounce and spin.
      Shifty, doesn't get hit solid a lot.
      Good receiver out of back field
      Dangerous in space.

      Actually a lot like Lamar Miller which could make him the perfect compliment. Doesn't change schemes or timing switching backs. Also, both represent receiving threat. Could line both up in backfield and then send either / or in motion to slot. Very difficult for a defense on pre-snap read.



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        Wow. Excellent breakdown and analysis


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          Good stuff Phintim. I definitely like the way Parker goes up and gets the ball. He always seems to be open and YAC is something we haven't had in a while.
          Can we sign this guy?


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            Jamil Douglas, OG ASU,

            Excellent agility, footwork and athleticism. Pulls, traps and gets to second level very well, works well on the move and in space.

            Weaknesses, tends to catch defenders rather than drive them. Better moving to point of attack than being the point of attack. Needs to be more aggressive run blocker.

            Similar playing style (would aspire to be) Roy Foster.



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              Bobby McCain, CB, Memphis

              Scrappy competitor, tough, smart and aware. Plays run support, likes to hit.
              Very quick, and fluid, change of direction and leaping ability.
              Not elite speed but quick make up burst.

              Down side, thinks and plays like a strong safety but lacks height and weight to play that style in NFL.
              At 5'9" and 195 he needs to be a finesse corner. Not good in press man coverage, peeks into backfield too much.

              If he were 4 inches taller and 25 pounds heavier we would have our starting safety. Don't know if he can retool his mentality to a slot, zone corner in the NFL.



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                Cedric Thompson, S, Minn

                Great athleticism, speed, strength and ball skills.
                Excellent wrap up tackler, comfortable in run support as he is in deep middle. Rarely ever misses a tackle.

                Slow to recognize plays, used athletic superiority to make up for being late, won't have that advantage in NFL.

                As a starting safety, boom or bust. If accepts coaching and does film study, improves reading offenses, routes and formations could be a starter. If not....special teams coverage demon?


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                  Tony Lippett, CB, MSU

                  Hard to digest player. None of his measurable stats other than height (6'-2") seems to relate to his on field performance. Was a great starting receiver and corner for Michigan State against pretty good competition. His 40 time is slow, but he seems hard to catch on a football field. His vertical is not great but he out reaches the competition. Seems to be a superb willing football player at the college level, can he translate the apparent lack of tangibles against the best athletes in the world?

                  I truly have no clue, but he is at least very interesting. Last year he could have made our team as a receiver, this year maybe as a corner.

                  A poor man's Randy Moss???



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