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Its game day! Let's get fired up!!!

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  • Its game day! Let's get fired up!!!

    Come on Dolphins! I know its just our back-ups and stiffs, but I still love me some winning.

    What are you guys looking for tonight?

    As for me, I want to see:

    1. More Ajayi
    2. More Virgil
    3. More O line depth
    4. Back up WRs and TEs

    Go Phins!

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    Looking for LaMike to secure his spot, and another LB past Vigil to secure his spot. I'm not seeing any other spots to be won or lost tonight.


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      It's time for some of the younger guys to show up. I definitely want to see good play from AJ Francis and Anthony Johnson. They are both good but might be playing for one spot (if the Dolphins keep CJ Mosely). I definitely want to see​ Ajayi and James. Hazel should shine tonight if he wants us to keep him as 6th WR. I'd like to see Mike Hull lock up a spot...and would love to see something from the young guys in our secondary. Can Freeman really step up and maybe push Matt Moore?

      As far as the OL goes...hope they don't get anyone hurt. We have no depth there at all.


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        I didn't even think about the back-up QB position. Funny thing is we all for the most had no concerns about it. But Moore has looked so poor this preseason it has shaken things up. I want to see a big game from him. I like Him!


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          I've historically liked Matt Moore as well (as a backup)....but he has been horrific this preseason.


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            First and foremost no injuries, I want to see a competitive team out there that has a game plan and executes, one that shows how well our coaching staff has evolved. I'm hoping both Hull and Vigil earn spots on the team, Hull reminds me of another undersized linebacker we once had.


            • Phintim Menace
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              I think we will see this other than the game plan. There will definitely NOT be any game plan. The coaches don't usually even decide in advance what all the lineup variations will be. They will just throw different guys out there in different situations and see how they respond. It will be much more like sandlot than NFL.

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            NO Injuries
            NO starters - As much as the fans like to see them
            It would be nice to see some of the younger guys solidify their chances

            I don't expect much of a game plan for this game - basic fundimental football
            All I want to see from the coaching staff is how have these young guys improved from the start of camp
            “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.” – Mark Twain


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              Well, they look horrible so far. May watch The Jeffersons" reruns tonight.


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