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Joe Philbin rapping?!

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  • Joe Philbin rapping?!

    I'm not sure this is how I want my head coach to act around the players. He can't be there friend. He can be friendly but not their friend. They have to respect him and fear him a little. League history is littered with "players coaches" who have failed miserably. Would Shula have done this? How about Parcells or Walsh? Lombardi? Belichick? I don't think this sends the right message to the players.

    Can we sign this guy?

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    I don't know, he has been criticized for being "distant" from his players and them not feeling like they want to play hard for him. I am with you in that, I think a coach should be more aggressive and in your face demanding than Philbin is, Then you can balance that sort of on the field toughness with this sort of off the field I am human too. Maybe not as great of coaches as you listed, but there are guys like Jimmy Johnson and Mike Ditka that were not great coaches at all, but had success and won Superbowls because they were tough and GREAT motivators!


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      I agree with tough and motivating but this seemed like a "players coach" move to me. Very Wade Phillips like.
      Can we sign this guy?


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