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Adam Gase showing some confidence.

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  • Adam Gase showing some confidence.

    I like the attitude displayed by Gase in an interview with the Miami Herald last Thursday.

    He was pointing out that the NFL is a dink and dunk passing league. The stats in the article show he is right. Only 2 QBs had a season in the last 10 years that rank in the top 25 for yards per attempt. None in the top 10. But more importantly to me is the blunt confidence he shows in his statements. So NOT Philbin.

    "I'm fine with it. I'm the one scripting the plays, calling the plays," he said Wednesday, per the Miami Herald. "I've had a little success with what we do. There's a time and a place. There's also a time and a place not to get sacked 60 times in a year, too."

    "The whole league is 10 yards and under. That's what it is. Nobody is going down the field. There's one team that does it really, maybe two. Pittsburgh and Arizona. Hold onto the ball and they chuck it down the field," he said. "More teams than not, it's 10 yards and under. That's where all the passing game is. The D-ends are too good. If you want to stand back there and have your quarterbacks get your brains beat out, go at it."

    The writer then goes on to qualify this position as it applies to the Dolphins saying these things.

    "With questions on the offensive line, a quarterback in Ryan Tannehill who doesn't own the most precise deep ball and superior intermediate route runners in Jarvis Landry and DeVante Parker, it's logical Gase would stick with the shorter passing game."

    They point out that Carson Palmer had the highest YPA in 2015, and it ranked 50th on the all time list.

    "The likes of Tom Brady and Philip Rivers have made an art out of dicing up defenses with a diverse set of quick passes."

    "So, when you see the Dolphins' offense sticking to the quick passing game, it's not just Tannehill or Gase who are pro-dink and dunk. It's the overwhelming majority of the NFL, including notable Super Bowl champs."

    I not only like his assessment of the league and his own team's skill sets, but the attitude and confidence he displays as a very young rookie coach. This is HIS team, he is calling the plays. Not going to have his QB get his brains beat out being sacked 60 times a year! If you want to do that, go ahead, but he isn't!

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    I think many championship teams made their living this way. The 49ers come to mind as well as Seattle and Green Bay. However, for it to work you also have to be able to run the ball and have a great defense. Much more goes into the success of dink and dunk teams that just the distance of the passes. But your point about Gase and his confidence is a good one. He seems to know exactly what he wants to do and is willing to own it.


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      Not flashy but if they can win this way then I'm all in!
      Just frolic and live in the now like Dolphins and Man's best friend.


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        Well as many on here have pounded on, Ryan Tannehill is not consistently accurate throwing the deep ball. Neither was Griese or Montana. Bill Walsh brought the dink and dunk offense to the NFL because "the greatest QB ever to play" couldn't throw deep. When I look at this roster I would demand the defense be in the top 5 in all major categories. They were drafted as stars, they are paid as stars they need to produce as stars. The offensive line, long the weakness of this team has 4- 1st round draft picks on it. Same story, they were drafted as stars, they are being paid as stars and they need to play like it. We have maybe the most talented group of receivers top to bottom in the league, time to turn potential into performance. And last, but not least, Ryan Tannehill was drafted as a star and is paid as a star and he needs to play like "the greatest QB to ever play" (Montana) but he will never play like the greatest QB ever to play Dan Marino. I just get tired of all the blame for a bunch of lame players and coaches all being placed on Tannehill like as if everyone else is doing great but he just keeps throwing games away.


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          Originally posted by Phintim Menace
          I just get tired of all the blame for a bunch of lame players and coaches all being placed on Tannehill like as if everyone else is doing great but he just keeps throwing games away.
          ================================================== ================================================== ======================== I understand what your saying and to a large degree your right.
          tannehill was drafted to be the guy at the QB position into the future and they even went out and got a coach that is suppose to be able to help him.
          they have done that for no other player and that QB position is so very important to a teams moving forward or go no where! when your payed like your getting the job done ,you have to prove you are. the problem is the team under t-hills time has never brought anyone of real stature to challenge him in training camp,he has always been anointed the starter so it's like how do you know it's all the lines fault or if t-hill is adding to the weakness of the line where another qb might do different things that than t-hill and the out come changes for the positive! I personally believe some of t-hills short comings are a result of some coaching short comings of past coachings!
          but you are right that this is a team sport and to go anywhere the team has to perform and one guy doesn't make a team. in saying that each player has to perform to the level his position demands and the qb position demands more than most positions and so many qb's have come and gone because they haven't performed up to there billing whether or not the team help out or hurt the situation!


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            Ryan Tannehill hasn't lived up to his draft or his paycheck.

            We should be able to line up and run the ball, but we can't.
            We should be able to stop other teams from running the ball, but we can't.
            We should be able to rush the passer but we can't.
            We should be able to cover other teams primary receivers, but we can't.
            We should be able to cover on special teams but we can't.

            NONE of those things have ANYTHING at all to do with Ryan.

            He gets criticized for sacks taken. But the stop watch says he gets less time in the pocket than the average QB and gets hit more and sacked more than any. Is that on him if the rush gets there sooner? t's not because he is holding the ball, it's because his line can't run block or pass block.

            He gets criticized for being off target on deep passes. But deep passes take time to develop that he doesn't have. Would he be accurate deep if he had more time? Truth is no one knows because he has never had even the luxury of an average amount of time.

            He gets criticized for not checking through his progressions to secondary and third options. Again, can't be done in under 2 seconds. Would he read the defenses and progressions properly if he had the time? Again, truth is no one knows because it has just never happened.

            I am saying that Ryan Tannehill is as big a question mark as anyone on this team and also no bigger a question mark than everyone on this team possibly with the exceptions of Landry and Rashad Jones. I include Suh in that group that isn't living up to their star status.

            So when the lynch mob comes for Ryan, better bring a lot of ropes, about 51 of them not counting coaches and GMs. Then some guys will be happy to watch us go through another parade of Cleo Lemons and Gus Frerottes. Me personally, I waited a long time after Dan retired to just see a QB that had a chance of being able to play. I think only Pennington was between the 2 that could have led this team to a title, but his age and health wouldn't allow it.

            Who wants to wait another 15 years for a QB?


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              Thank you!

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              Good post... the criticism comes with the position, but you'd hope that people would be able to look beyond the east target of the QB. He needs to continue to improve, but he's far from the real issues we've had on offense, especially last season with Albert, Pouncey, and James missing so much time while Dallas Thomas just isn't good enough to be a starter in this league.

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            Very well said Tim. Kudos to you.
            While it takes two to have an argument, it only takes one to walk away.


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