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It's time to fire Omar.

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  • It's time to fire Omar.

    The guy is such a wannabe talent evaluator and tough guy. Who is he to belittle? "The dropoff from Maxwell to Brandon Harris is a cliff." I believe there is a dropoff but coming from Kelly, who loved Jimmy "Ole" Wilson and Cris "Which way did he go, George" Clemons, it just comes across as insulting because he really doesn't have a good feel for the game. Oh yeah, and Reshad Jones is "overrated and not good in coverage." I'm sick of him being propped up by Joe Rose (and Captain Curtis, both of whom I love) and Big O for what? Is he the "cool brutha" of Dolphins talk? Just another con job artist if you ask me. Dude stick to reporting what you see and enough with your piss poor assessments.
    He was the little bitch playing Dungeons and Dragons and watching Power Rangers and GI Joe while we were on the schoolyard playing "Smear the Queer" or tackle football. If you did get him to play he was the kid that would throw the ball behind his head when he was about to get hit.
    His arrogant negativity and penchant for being drawn toward the worst personalities has gotten old. Move on man. We've upgraded our coaching and talent. How about upgrading those that cover the team. Be like Jeff Darlington. He believes Tannehill is going to be a top notch QB and claimed Ireland rarely missed on draft picks and got a promotion. Keep working boys. Someday you might be as good as Cris Carter or Warren Sapp.
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    Omar will never be fired because as far as the Sun Sentinel's concerned, it goes back to that old adage 'Even negative attention is better than no attention at all'...The more Omar pisses people off, draws them in to argue and brings attention to himself, the better it is for their paper...No one cares whether the attention is positive or negative, drama sells & bottom line is the paper is in the sellin' business...Hell, look at Miko, she's a venomous hood-rat who does nothing but spew poison and she has her own radio show...


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      He is such a wannabe that every night in the confines of his very private super hero cave he showers off his blackness and is really a nerdy white guy.
      Just frolic and live in the now like Dolphins and Man's best friend.


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        If you want to know who's going to struggle or suck, just look at whoever he's bragging on. I can't stand the guy and think he's faced liar, but he does draw the clicks by ''keeping it real''... (really stupid).

        And again, it's not the message, it's his arrogance, delivery, and fickle nature that people object to.


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          Man I totally agree with all of you guys. I have never liked his "reporting" or his arrogance. Somehow he has gotten the idea he's an expert talent evaluator. If he was half as good as he thinks he is he would be working for an NFL team somewhere and wouldn't be a hack reporter spewing garbage to get internet clicks. You would think after his gross over-evaluation of Jimmy Wilson he would have toned it down a bit. But I guess he hasn't. I wouldn't really know because I absolutely refuse to read any of his junk.
          Can we sign this guy?


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            I stopped doing game day chats when Omar became a fixture, tweeting nonsense most of the time. His occasional tweet with any value was usually just an echo of what others had already posted... I do NOT read his material, and WILL turn any show off, if he appears on it...


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