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Three Biggest Questions for 2015?

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  • Three Biggest Questions for 2015?

    With many to choose from, I only have three which could make or break our season.

    Albert, Grimes, and Wake. IF they play up to their Pro Bowl talent, they negate other questions. IF they do not, a playoff run is much more difficult, and other questions become much bigger.

    Their play also has a HUGE effect on the direction the team takes next year in keeping them or moving on.

    IMO, the team has somewhat of a backup plan for Albert in Turner. maybe one in OV for Wake but, nothing I can see for Grimes.


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    The biggest is Tannehill in my book by a large margin. If he fails to perform or gets hurt we have no backup for him that is going to jump in to save the day.
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      I'm with ALL revolves around the QB. This season is "How the Tannehill Turns." I agree there are other cogs in the wheel but this team will go as far as Tannehill can take them.


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        For me, Tannehill and Suh are not questions.


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          1. Branden Albert - If he gets re-injured the Dolphins season will be looking grim
          2. Ryan Tannehill - This entire season is on his shoulders. The team can only go as far as he takes them. He MUST improve on MANY areas, including being able to put the team on his shoulders in the 4th Quarter.
          3. Bill Lazor - His play calling can effect the entire offense, the growth of Tannehill, the ability to help the running game and the effectiveness of the Dolphins redzone attack.

          I would put whomever is playing opposite Grimes as 3b.


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            I think the big determining factor for this season will be the injuries. If we stay healthy, I think this is a playoff team with a lot of potential. If we get the injury bug at any one of several positions things could go off the rails fast. We have a lot of very good starters and some decent ones....and a few that are really elite. Our depth though....not good.


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              1. Tannehill - He needs to continue his improvement and if he can do better on 3rd down and in the 4th quarter thats what will elevate us to being a playoff team.

              2. Health - Its been shown this preseason that we have very little depth with the exceptions being at WR and DL. We can't afford to have many injuries especially along the OL to the LB corps and the secondary.

              3. Coaching - This is a make or break year for Philbin and the entire coaching staff. They need to do a better job and help elevate the team to the playoffs.


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                1. Coaching - Has Philbin learned enough to take this team to the playoffs? Have his assistants learned anything? Will the Coordinators try to get cute or just play ball?

                2. Injuries - For once we seem to be starting the year fairly healthy, knock on wood. If we can stay healthy then we should be in the playoffs

                3. Oline - They need to stay healthy and gel as a unit. If they can get it together then the rest of the O will be a able to excel and the D will stay fresh. Which will kill the other teams.
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                  I like all of these really. All legit points and concern. I am going to throw a little bit of a spin on it, and say:

                  1. Running game - This involves the backs and the line play. But if we can have a truly effective running game it will really open the field and take some heat off Tannehill
                  2. Linebacker Play-No depth here, and really no stars in this unit. The D Line will dominate. But can the LBs fill the gap and make the plays in coverage they need to on the hot read.
                  3. Safety Play- With Delmas going down the duties fall on Walt Aikens. So far so good. But in the big games can he cover the Gronks of the league and make the plays he needs to?

                  So that is my list. I am just excited that we can feel this good heading into a season.


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                    I say it's Tannehill all the way. My dad always refers to the great ones in any sport as positive thinkers. They can't be shaken. Tannehill has skills but he has yet to move past the mechanical thinking and into the realm of a"positive thinker" where he is fully engaged in creating positive outcomes, regardless of the obstacles he must endure and overcome. The season rests on his shoulders as do the futures of this coaching staff. He's improved in his paint by numbers play but he is still limiting himself on the number of colors he chooses to paint with. He truly is a "budding" star. We need you to open up RT because right now, "You're no daisy. You're no daisy at all."


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                      Everyone has already hit the big issues and i agree. My order of importance would be
                      1. Can RT meet the elusive franchise QB criteria. We should know it when we see it.
                      2. The Offensive Line must execute the run game and pass protection. NOT ONE OR THE OTHER....BOTH....consistently. and they must avoid injuries cause we are paper thin.
                      3. We must get some exceptional LB play and a pass rush. Without it you are DOA in the NFL of 2015.
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