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Fitzpatrick Signs With Jets

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  • Fitzpatrick Signs With Jets

    whether you want to admit it or not, the AFC East is one tough division, and the signing of Fitz made it tougher.

    Ryan Fitzpatrick is not elite by any stretch of the imagination, but he fits their scheme well has has two big, great targets in Marshall and Decker. (Who both really made it clear that Fitz is who they wanted behind center) when you add Matt Forte into the mix that offense looks pretty good.

    The Bills got tougher.

    The Patriots have dominated the division.

    Lets hope Gase and Co. Have something great in store for us fans, and let's hope the Dolphins don't have any injuries this season.
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    Nothing I didn't expect. He was never going to sit out the season, and he was never going to get starting QB $$. Unfortunately our division is going to be tough, and it has been tough for years. Miami has to start building to beat the teams in our division, something the moron coaches and FO has failed to do for the past half dozen years. It is starting now. We are younger, we are going with taller more physical CB's, we're supposedly going to have a very flexible offensive plan that will change week to week to emphasize attacking any weakness of our opponent. We are going to focus much more on ball control and a quick passing attack to keep Tannehill upright. I like what I'm hearing from this coaching staff, now I hope they can execute it. Our approach to just do our thing, don't make adjustments depending on the team we're playing and the results we're seeing on the field is what has made us the laughing stock. Our insistence on playing a certain kind of offense, and a certain kind of defense despite the players strengths and weaknesses is what has made us the laughing stock. It's time for change. I hope Gase is true to his words, and we take a completely different approach. I've always felt we had the athletes to compete better on paper but it never transpired to the field. IMO it all starts with a defense that creates chaos with the opposing QB. I don't expect our offense to win a bunch of shoot outs, so IMO our defense is once again the key. Give the O good field position, get a lot of 3 and outs, and win the turnover battle game after game. If we can do that we can compete with all our division rivals and the rest of the NFL.
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      Imagine that. Changing the offense every week to exploit the opponents weaknesses. What a novel concept. The previous coaches just ran the same offense against ALL their opponents. I hope this changing offenses each week doesn't catch on to the other 31 teams. Wait. I forgot, the Dolphins were the last team to start doing this.

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    It was pretty inevitable. The question now is he really good....or did he (kinda like Foles) just have one good season as things fell in place?


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      whether you want to admit it or not, the AFC East is one tough division, and the signing of Fitz made it tougher.

      LOL, yea for the Dolphins....I was reading that our best CB is a WR....


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        Fitzpatrick is a very deliberate passer that I would rate as serviceable at best. He sees the field but often lacks anticipation and touch. He had a field day playing keep away from the midget, Grimes, by lobbing passes up to the stationary Marshall. He strikes no fear into me but his presence definitely makes the Jets a better team. If our D does a better job of stopping the run, a good pass rush, tall CBs and anticipating his passes to have no arc on them should allow us to minimize his impact on the game when we face him.


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          The Dolphins will make this guy one and done!
          Just frolic and live in the now like Dolphins and Man's best friend.


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            I heard the Jets might be shopping Bryce Petty since they most likely would only keep 3 QB's. Fitzpatrick as the starter, Smith as the backup and they just drafted Hackenberg. So Petty looks to be the odd man out. If they can't trade him they might release him. Does anybody think he has a higher upside than Doughty?


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