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PFF Ranks our DB group #31

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  • PFF Ranks our DB group #31

    The Denver Broncos own the top cornerback trio heading into the 2016 season—see where the other 31 teams fall.

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    It's all guesses at this point. If our Dline can pressure the QBs on a Consistent level then our supposed below average DBs will grow capes!
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      31. Miami Dolphins

      Top CBs: Byron Maxwell, Xavien Howard, Bobby McCain

      Key stat: Maxwell allowed 100.7 passer rating into his coverage, a career-high.

      A first year outside the safe haven of Seattle didn’t go well for Byron Maxwell, and after being traded by Philadelphia, he must start again in Miami. Maxwell still had a nose for the football in Philly (intercepting or breaking up at least 10 passes for the third year in a row), and could very well share starting duties this season with Howard, who surrendered a completion on less than 45 percent of the 162 passes targeted into his coverage over the final two years of his career at Baylor.


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        At least they are not #32. They are ranked low until they prove otherwise.


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          Lippett needs to step up big time this season. It would be nice if a team needed to unload one of their veteran corners. This team can't keep relying on their d-line to make up for their weak defensive backfield.


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            Silly ranking based on last year, but good... hope the entire league under estimates us and takes us very lightly at the start of the season.


            • DolphinsFreak
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              I think it's strange that they left out a few players that the Dolphins added to their secondary. Other than that I think it's a ranking they deserve until they prove they can all work together under the new system and let's all pray that they can.

            • cuchulainn
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              Yes... I think they said ''Dolphins... meh'' and left it at that.

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            I get it....we basically only have 1 returning starter and he was basically holding out of OTAs....

            IQ, Max, Lippett/Howard are all brand new and no ones knows how they will gel. That's my biggest concern...these 4 need to start playing with each other as soon as possible...especially since VJ will be implementing his cover 3 zone schema...

            Zone you need to know where everyone is and how they is another thing, release breaks, line of scrimmage technique....

            It sucks that howard got hurt, but if Lippett actually produces then they just need to gel...similar to the Oline, the secondary needs to start building chemistry


            • cuchulainn
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              Good points.... Gase and VJ seem high on Lippett's potential and how he's come along and learned his assignments this offseason. Hope it translates onto the field.

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              Lippett played one strong game against a bunch of no body WR that the Patriots lined up in week 17. The good news is that he shined against weak talent.

              Camp will show us how he does against Parker, Stills and Landry - where WR is the best asset we have on this team. If he can hold his own, then we might have a player worth talking about....

              IF not - call Leon hall.

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            They can't be rated any higher when you look at the names on our roster. The majority of them are unknowns, and Maxwell is coming off a poor season where he struggled in Philly's scheme. I would be shocked if this group isn't better than last year's. The size we've added will help us in our division where we got schooled by the taller, stronger WR's all season long. I also believe our pass rush will be much improved with the addition of Mario Williams and Branch. Curious, but hopeful Dion Jordan will finally contribute.

            IMO the key to the success of our secondary will lie squarely on the shoulders of our pass rush. If we expect these guys to cover for a long time while the opposing QB sits in a clean pocket and goes through multiple progressions they won't be effective. If our pass rush wreaks havoc on opposing QB's and hits them allowing these press corners to jam the WR's and force the opposing QB's into quick throws they will be successful.

            As much as the new pass rushers I think our new D line coach, and our new DC will be much more creative and have opposing offenses guessing on who to block. If we come out with Detroit's mind set (where coach and players were from) we'll be a much better defense. Attack, Attack, Attack. No more sitting back and allowing the opposing offense to dictate. No more playing back and just avoiding giving up the big play and let everything happen underneath you. Time to take the game to opposing offenses, not sit back and play nice.
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              I would say I'm surprised we aren't #32. Other than Maxwell who struggled, there is almost nothing to say the players starting in our secondary will be even average. I hope it will work out....but I bet we'll end up adding at least one more vet there.


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                We were originally ranked #32 as the author received the news of the Xavien Howard injury while he was writing this article. We got bumped up to #31 when he heard Gase say that Bobby McCain would not even be looked at on the perimeter but used solely in the slot and when he remembered that Jimmy Wilson was no longer on the roster.


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