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What Happened to Dion Jordan?

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  • What Happened to Dion Jordan?

    I guess Goodell is in no hurry to reinstate him after a year's suspension following his 3rd failed drug test. Looks like he lost $1,609,209 roster bonus too.That 3rd failed test really hurts, but he shoulda seen it coming. This sends a message to all the other players to straighten up of lose your ass....

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    The loss of that bonus money is huge. It allows us to bring him back and get a nice long look at him with little to nothing to lose. I expect his reinstatement tomorrow. We will now know whether he was coming back to play ball or if it was to steal that $1.7 million from us and bolt. If it's the latter, he may rescind his petition and return to anonymity.


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      Just read the Dolphins have the right to pursue some of the $13+ million bonus the Dolphins paid Jordan in 2013 if they so choose. It's good to see the team now has all the leverage. It's only right. I'm sure his reps will cry, "Foul," but I think it will fall on deaf ears. Earn something MFer.


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        Per Gase:

        “I mean until somebody tells me that he’s reinstated, I got nothing to add to that.”
        “I haven’t heard anything from the league.”

        FWIW, Josh Gordon just got re-instated, so we'll see if there is a decision by EOW on DJ.


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          betcha he's in a fog lol


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            So when is the decision on his reinstatement coming down? With training camp set to open this week I thought it would have happened by now.


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              He plays for the wrong team in the AFC-NE...

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            So true, he's not with the "God's Team" or the golden child....he would have never been drug tested if he was.


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              If he was involved in murder, rape, DUI, domestic violence ETC.. He would be back already... Smoking pot and juicing ...... No way! What a joke.....


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