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  • Kraig Urbik?

    I haven't been hearing much about this young man, I wonder if anybody has some insight as to whether he can land one of the starting spots on the OL, or is he a backup? I like the fact that he is versatile, (as long as he plays all positions well... )
    He hasn't missed a game in the past 3 seasons, but wasn't listed as a starter in about half of those.

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    It seems to be hit or miss with Wisconsin Olinemen. I see him as a journeyman not cause I know much about him but just that at 30 he is still floating and not locked down a spot in the NFL. He seems to be in that "just good enough" category that most fall under.
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      Thought this might interest you Wulf. I copied and pasted this out of an article projecting our final 53.

      In the past two seasons the Dolphins have carried 10 offensive lineman into the regular season. If Adam Gase follows suit again this year the competition could be very good deeper on the line.

      What we do know, barring injury of course, is that Mike Pouncey, Branden Albert, Laremy Tunsil, and Ja’Wuan James are all locks to make the roster. Jamil Douglas a 2015 draft pick also is a likely stick to the roster.

      That’s five of the ten players. It’s also likely that Jermon Bushrod will make the team as well. Dallas Thomas and Billy Turner stand a better than not chance of remaining but competition for the final four spots may determine their future with the team.

      Thomas, as of now is battling for a starting guard spot and competing with Laremy Tunsil. A battle he is likely to lose. Will Miami retain him as a back-up or go with someone else?

      If all of the above do indeed make the roster, eight of the potential 10 spots will be filled leaving two spots remaining.

      This is where it will get interesting. Ulrick John, Sam Young are two promising depth options. Young has been in the league for six seasons while John enters his 3rd. Center/guard players Jacques McClendon and Kraig Urbik will also be in the mix.

      McClendon could be a long shot. He was on and off the team last year and Urbik is a 7 year veteran who might be able to offer Miami a bit more leadership. Assuming that the Dolphins go with 10 players, I would suspect that the final spots could come down to Urbik, John, or Sam Young.

      Predicting this outcome is difficult because it’s not entirely out of reason that either Dallas Thomas or Billy Turner or both could be out of a job come September. There is nothing that binds them to this coaching staff.

      Here are the pre-camp predictions.

      53 man roster:

      Spots taken by OL: 10

      Roster spots total thus far: 26

      Players on Oline:

      Tackles: Ja’Wuan James, Branden Albert, Jermon Bushrod, Sam Young

      Guards: Laremy Tunsil, Jamil Douglas, Dallas Thomas, Billy Turner

      Center: Mike Pouncey, Kraig Urbik
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      • Wulf
        Wulf commented
        Editing a comment
        Good to have a backup who can man AMY position on the OL once again.
        I heard an interview with him recently, and he sounded as if he was hungry...

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      Urbik has bounced around some, but should be decent depth coming from PB and Buffalo.

      Still annoyed that Philbin dumped Sam Brenner, who was a better LG than Dallas Thomas and also our backup OC. At least Brenner got a SB ring with the Broncos.

      Watching for Anthony Steen as well. He was pretty good in college for Alabama.


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        I don't think Urbik will be a starter but if he can also play Center that will increase his chances of making the 53 man roster.


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