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Should Dolphins Trade Kenny Stills ?

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  • Should Dolphins Trade Kenny Stills ?

    In My Opinion the Miami Dolphins have a few too many mouths to feed at the wide receiver position. In the two groups below, the top group are players that will be making the 53 man roster. The bottom group should have a few fall off the roster but, some of those names might actually make the team.

    So, my question is a simple one. Should the Dolphins trade Kenny Stills while he still has decent trade value? Kenny Stills will be a free agent after this season and might be worthy of a 2nd or 3rd round pick OR worthy of using to trade for a player to fill a position of need for the Dolphins. I feel that that Devante Parker has enough speed to be the so-called "deep threat", if there is one on the Dolphins. They don't go deep enough or often enough to have 2-3 burners on the team. They have Tannehill right now so they will be dumping the ball off to the running backs a lot this season, throwing quick slants, etc. so having Landry, Parker and Caroo as their top three receivers makes a ton of sense. All three are really good "possession receivers" but Parker has the skills to run the deep routes as well. I believe that Stills is a really good receiver, I just think he is going to be a wasted commodity on the Dolphins roster this season so I would prefer that they got something back from their investment, possibly a true GUARD from another team who has really good depth on their offensive line.

    Jarvis Landry
    Devante Parker
    Matt Hazel
    Kenny Stills
    Leonte Caroo
    Jakeem Grant

    Brandon Shippen
    Rashawn Scott
    A.J. Cruz
    Tyler Murphy
    Griff Whalen

    What are your thoughts about trading Stills ?

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    Yes most definitely. If we could land a 4th then do it! I doubt we get a 3rd.
    The deeper the roots, the higher the reach.


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      Originally posted by Aquaaiea View Post
      Yes most definitely. If we could land a 4th then do it! I doubt we get a 3rd.
      A fourth round draft pick would be better then having him run deep routes, on occasion, and rarely or never getting the ball thrown to him. However I would really prefer that they traded him for a player to fill a spot that we are thin at, and there are many. Guard, Linebacker, Corner, etc. But, as you mentioned, he might only be worthy of a 4th since nobody has seen him do much lately but a 4th is better then nothing.


      • AquaXI
        AquaXI commented
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        Rare thing to trade player for player, although we did it back in 08 or 09 when we traded Camarillo for Sapp of the Vikings. I still like this idea and hopefully a true Guard of equal value from another team.

      • DolphinsFreak
        DolphinsFreak commented
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        The odds of finding a team that needs a wide receiver that has a need that the Dolphins have are probably pretty slim but you get the gist of where I am going with this. So the Dolphins could trade Stills to Team X, then they could use that Draft Pick they obtained from Team X to trade to Team Y to get a guard or another position/player of need. I know Stills is a really good receiver and some fans won't agree and still think the Dolphins need him as a <Deep Threat> but as I stated above, I feel he is going to get lost in this offense and then he will leave the Dolphins next offseason and they will have gotten nothing in return for trading for him.

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      Unfortunately I don't think his stock is high. He's coming off his worst season as a pro. He's not the big, tall, fast WR teams are targeting now. He may be a burner, but not enough to warrant much in a trade in my opinion. Not having him on the roster wouldn't hurt us one bit, so if there was a suitor I'd certainly consider it.


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        Stils was performing well in OTA's and I heard he was supposed to become a bigger part of the offense in Gase's scheme. This is a contract year for him so he is probably going to be very motivated. I might consider trading him if we got a starting caliber corner in exchange but I seriously doubt anybody would give us that in return for Stills. I think the highest draft pick we could get for him is a 5th and to me thats just not worth it. There are always going to be injuries so its good to have depth at the position so I would just keep him.


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          Yes. Stills and a 4th to the Rams for Case Keenum. An added offensive weapon for Goff when Fisher pulls and trades Keenum just before the trade deadline.


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            IMO, unless you're getting a 4th or better, or a sure thing that can help the team this season, then no, and no one is going to offer more than a 5th or 6th as they know his cap # and that we're not likely to extend him.

            Hazel and the others are probably camp cuts.

            We also don't know if any of these guys will stay healthy for an entire season and if Parker or Carroo either one go down, I'd rather have a guy with starting ability on the outside. No more Hartline, Bess, Wallace, or Gates types...

            Stills struggled to stay healthy last season with leg issues and allowed himself to be washed out at times, but per catch, still had a productive season. I keep him and put him in motion so that he doesn't get caught in press.


            • Phintim Menace
              Phintim Menace commented
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              Same way I was thinking. We are not going to get anything of value for him coming off last year's performance. And we could spare him if the top 3 on your list stay healthy all year. But the idea of this season relying on Matt Hazel would be a little scary.

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            I'm with Cuch, if they could get a 4th or better then yes, but outside of that then no. He's cheap, he can stretch the field and not 100% sure the crew we have can stay healthy for all 16.


            • cuchulainn
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              Hey Nole. I like the way you think... ;-)

              Good to see you posting. Hope we see you more once camp starts this week.

            • DolphinsFreak
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              Nole is back! It must be football season!!

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