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  • Biggest Impact Players

    Which is these NEW Miami Dolphins players do you think will make the biggest impact this season and why?

    Place them in order and explain what you either think they will do this season to help the Dolphins OR what you hope they will do.

    Arian Foster RB
    Leonte Carroo WR
    Thomas Duarte TE
    Jakeem Grant WR/PR/KR
    Kenyan Drake RB
    Laremy Tunsil OL
    Brandon Doughty QB
    Ifo Ekpre-Olomu CB
    Xavien Howard CB
    Andre Branch DE
    Jermon Bushrod OL
    Mario Williams DE
    Byron Maxwell CB
    Kiko Alonso MLB

    Dion Jordan LB (Well, he's kind of new..........Aha)

    I apologize if I left off names of players that some of you may have wanted to talk about. I couldn't remember all the players they acquired so I went to ESPN and their site wasn't accurate. They have us signing C.J. Anderson.
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    MIssing Xavien Howard...


    • DolphinsFreak
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      Thanks. I just added him to the list.

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    My thoughts on the new players by order of impact...

    Tier 1:
    Byron Maxwell - Replaces a washed up Brent Grimes who was victimized repeatedly last season by bigger stronger WRs and can play physical/press defense on the outside.
    Kiko Alonso - a true MLB with great instincts in both run and pass protection. Can also play WLB and provide flexibility to the Defense.
    Mario Williams - replaces OV and provides a true pass rushing specialist opposite Wake. Also provides flexibility along the DL.
    Xavian Howard - A big/physical CB to play opposite Maxwell. Gives us more than 1 CB to play on the perimeter.

    Tier 2:
    Laremy Tunsil - Should start or rotate in at LG and gain experience while bringing in a lot of atlethicism to the OL. The Future LT.
    Jermon Bushrod - Can play either OT or OG and should bring valuable experience and depth to the OL as part of the rotation.
    Arian Foster - Veteran depth to the RB corp and should rotate with Ajayi for the majority of the snaps.
    Leonte Carroo - An alpha WR on the outside opposite Parker. Very physical and a great route runner with sure hands.
    Kenyan Drake - 3rd down back who is elusive and can act as a true receiver out of the backfield.

    Tier 3:
    Ifo Ekpre-Olomu - Don't expect much this season. He's competing with Bobby McCain for Slot/Nickel DB.
    Andre Branch - Should be more productive here than in Jax on the DL. Should play in rotation behind Williams as a replacement for what we had in Shelby.
    Dion Jordan - Still waiting on the League to make a decision. If he's back to form, he should push Misi for SLB and give us a more dynamic LB corp.

    Tier 4:
    Brandon Doughty - Not expecting much this season, but hoping he makes the roster and can pick up the Offense to the point to challenging Moore for the backup spot.
    Thomas Duarte - a WR/TE tweener. More of an H-back ala Charles Clay. Not expecting a lot from him this season.
    Jakeen Grant - Return specialist. Draws comparisons to Darren Sproles, but his hands suck. Not expecting much.


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      I'm thinking Mario Williams and Kiko Alonzo will have the biggest impact. They both feel like they have something to prove and I think an attacking style defense suits both of them.
      Can we sign this guy?


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        I like the way Xavien Howard plays the CB position, A LOT. But I have to join KC in his camp; Kiko Alonso and Mario Williams. Mario Williams plays the DE position like a true DE, cutting off the edge and collapsing the pocket simultaneously. His length combined with his speed and agility is going to make a huge impact for this defense against both the run and pass. BIG upgrade from OV.
        Alonso is the MLB we have been looking for mentally and physically. It doesn't hurt that he is going to have the most vocal and boistsrous latino Dolphins fans roaring in the crowd week in and week out. When Alonso stated that MLB is his position because he believes he has a chance to make a play on every snap, I was sold. I had the impression he would prefer to be outside.
        Curious to see how Drake fits in. I think he's a longshot to make the 53 and was a semi-disastrous 3rd round selection.
        I might have said L Carroo but our QB minimizes WRs potential. Tunsil will be no surprise unless he isn't fantastic immediately.
        The rookie I want to look at is Louisville MLB James Burgess, a player the Hurricanes lost out on at the last second when he wisely chose to play for Charlie Strong instead of Al Golden. Let's see if he can take his fluid, athletic, sound technique to the next level.


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          Can't find much info on Burgess other than he's 6'1" 230 lbs. Can you give us some insight?

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        Mario Williams DE - I think he will be playing with something to prove. I predict he's is a top 3 pass rusher with 17.5 sacks.
        Byron Maxwell CB - He also has something to prove. Nobody will remember Grimes played for the Dolphins after this season.
        Kiko Alonso MLB - IF he stays healthy he will prove to be one of the steal of the offseason. Might be the best OLB this team has seen in a long time, if not ever.
        Leonte Carroo WR - I think he is going to show flashes of of a tough WR that many of us really wanted, Anquan Boldin.
        Laremy Tunsil OL - It will take some time for him to adjust to the NFL but once he does he will prove he was the top draft pick.
        Arian Foster RB - If "turf" was his enemy, like Reggie Bush, Foster could be the steal of the offseason, period.
        Thomas Duarte TE - I expect him to WOW fans IF he is targeted and gets to show off what he can do in tight coverage.
        Jakeem Grant WR/PR/KR - He just might freak out some fans and have us excited about our front office.
        Ifo Ekpre-Olomu CB AND Xavien Howard CB - I hope these two both step up and make us all happy about these pickups.

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        "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton

        “The only thing worse then a liar is a liar that’s also a hypocrite!” - Tennessee Williams


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          1. LB Kiko Alonso - He could be a game changer for our defense if he regains his rookie form.

          2. DB Byron Maxwell - He is much better than Brent Grimes at this stage and he is our #1 corner. I think he will give us solid production.

          3. OL Laremy Tunsil - We drafted the supposedly best o-lineman in the draft. There should be no reason why he can't step in and immediately solidify our o-line. The so called experts laughed at and mocked the trade we made with the Eagles but these 3 players might very well turn out to be our biggest impact newcomers.

          4. DE Mario Williams - I think we will get a motivated player with something to prove after a disappointing season last year now that he is back playing in the proper scheme.

          5. DB Xavien Howard - He could very well start opposite Maxwell. I just hope he is ready for the challenge.

          6. RB Arian Foster - If he can stay healthy he should see a steady workload.

          7. DE Andre Branch - I heard Omar Kelly giving him praise during the OTA's. You can never have too many pass rushers.

          8. WR Leonte Caroo - With Parker and Landry getting the most attention from opposing defenses there is an opportunity for Caroo to make a name for himself.


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            I think Kiko Alonso....he was a monster as a rookie and I think he's got amazing potential. If he can stay healthy, he'll have a huge impact at a position of need.


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              I think that if Alonso plays well he will be the most important even if not the most spectacular. The weak link on our DL is Phillips who is an incredible athlete. It wouldn't be that surprising for Miami's entire DL to make the pro bowl IF we get solid play from the LBs headed by Alonso. The DL needs to feel like they can cut loose and force plays in the backfield without being worried that no one will fill the gap they vacated.


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                Mario Williams and Miko Alonso!!!
                Just frolic and live in the now like Dolphins and Man's best friend.


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                  Burgess is a good striker and solid wrap up tackler. He is so good in coverage, he will get a chance to compete at OLB, with Alonso entrenched inside. His versatility to play inside or outside should help his chances.
                  I'll also keep an eye on Pitt CB Lafayette Pitts and 300 lb., ex-CFL star, DE Cleyon Laing.
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                  • DolphinsFreak
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                    I agree. I read what you had to say I posted his highlights. The kid is a mauller, hard hitting beast!

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