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  • Home game restrictions.

    Curfew during training camp is a regular practice. Players spend all day on the field, in the training room, in the weight room, in the classroom, in the cafeteria and in bed. Curfew on road trips is also a common practice. Why not carry that over to home games? Players will carry on with their normal home game routines with walk throughs, meetings, time in the training room and spending time at home. The only difference is that they will be required to check into the team hotel at 12am on Friday and 11pm on Saturday night and be assessed at the door. If a breathalyzer registers .10 or higher or is showing signs of drug usage, a player is fined 20% of game check.
    As a fan of the Dolphins, I'm sick of hearing ex-Dolphins players saying the Dolphins will never be winners because there are too many temptations in south Florida or hearing radio show callers saying they saw players out drinking late Saturday nights before games. We're only talking about eight weekends a year. I like the idea of the added accountability and making it more businesslike as if on a road trip. Add a family breakfast on Saturday mornings. We need focus.

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    I agree. It's bad enough that these guys make so much money playing a game that they love but they can't be mature enough and responsible enough to do their jobs to the best of their abilities? You can't show up to any other job drunk or high and the league minimum is about 4-5 times higher then anyone I know. They can take four months off of the night life and be pros instead of acting like spoiled rich brats.


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