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  • Woodlawn

    I don't know if this topic has been covered already. If so, sorry. This movie, Woodlawn, is a must see for all long time Dolphins fans. Amazing life story of an all-time great Dolphin. Hook and lateral, baby!
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    Where could one find a copy of the movie?


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      It's available on DVD. Maybe Redbox. It wasn't a huge money maker so I'd assume it will be on TV soon.


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        I saw it in the theatre. Good movie. Especially for Dolphins fans.
        Can we sign this guy?


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          Great looking uniforms back then!


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            I realized that Nathan must have gotten to Alabama right after Forrest Gump left.


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              I'll make sure I watch this! Meant to when it was out but just fell through the cracks.
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                Speaking of really good blasts from the past, i just watched SB VII in its entirety on youtube (not the greatest quality but still shows the whole game) I've seen loads of clips of the game over the years but haven't seen the entire game since watching it live on tv back in 73, until now...

                I've always remembered most of the key plays..Having that sweet 50 yd. td to Warfield (Man, Paul Warfield was AMAZING,, way ahead of his time!!!) called back for illegal procedure against Briscoe, Jake Scott's amazing one handed diving interception, Buonticonti's interception & long return, Kilmer hitting the goalpost with Jackie Smith wide open in the back of the end zone (THANK GOD for goalposts in the middle of the EZ!!!)..and Scott picking off his 2nd pass the very next play in the EZ and running it back 50 yards...and of course Garo's ultimate f#@k-up costing us the only shut-out in SB history!!! Great watching it again,, kind of forgot how close the game actually's funny how it still almost has you on the edge of your seat even though you know how it ends!

                Spoiller alert: Unlike the hook & lateral game..We actually win this one!!!


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