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  • Training Camp Reports Needed

    I am curious if there is anyone here that goes to training camp? It would be great to get some daily camp reports?

    Let me know!

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    Often wondered how cool it would be to go to the training camp practices & scrimmages..hell, i used to get excited going to my sons Pop Warner practices & scrimmages..Problem would be that inevitably the team always looks better than the final, finished product that ends up taking the field when the real games begin...

    I remember when my son was around 12, had a pretty good team and in practices & scrimmages they looked like they were gonna be hard to beat, opening day comes around and they're looking across the line at guys that're twice their size with full beards & moustaches,, Crazy, but i imagine that's kind of how the Fins feel most Sunday's....


    • cuchulainn
      cuchulainn commented
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      lol... difference is that while your son's team was over matched physically, the Fins have just been epic under achievers, who were routinely out coached on a routine basis. Expecting that to change under Gase.

    • Driven_Phinsane!
      Driven_Phinsane! commented
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      True, true...though there was a time where i helped coach my sons team, so i'd have to say that his team was more than likely seriously out coached as well, lol...

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