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  • New defensive look.

    Yeah, we're going to have a new defensive look this year with some new starters and a new DC but what I'm talking about here is a new look at some of our existing players; a new set of eyes re-evaluating what the hapless Coyle may have overlooked. The one guy that stands out in my book is LB, Mike Hull. Early on in 2015, the Dolphin defense showed signs that the season ahead wasn't going to be one of domination. The biggest concern seemed to be one of accountability. Too often, defenders stood and watched RBs breaking off big runs as if to say, "Well he didn't go through my hole. I don't have to chase him." It kind of made me sick. But one guy who never quit, went sideline to sideline and made sure wrap up tackles left and right was Linebacker, Mike Hull. I'm not sure how he got lost in the mix, especially when nobody else showed near the desire that he did on every play. Misi is a good guy to sub in but limited in talent, athleticism and most importantly, durability. Hewitt showed real promise , Jordan may be a Godsend, Jenkins is solid and Alonso is a stud. After that, I expect Joseph to take a long, fair look at Mike Hull and recognize there is something special there. Who do you think may have been underestimated by our former DC who may surprise us in 2016?

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    I'm expecting the most positive impact acquisition under Joseph to be Jim Washburn and our improved DL. If this improved DL starting with Suh, Phillips, and Chris Jones can play up to potential and we get more from our DEs, then we'll keep the LBs cleaner and healthier and the DBs won't be as victimized as last year.

    Joseph has his hands full with the new DBs and secondary overhaul. Between Washburn and Burke, our DL and LBs should be vastly improved. Expecting to see Misi back at SS LB with Kiko in the middle and Jenkins at WS LB. Not sure Hull showed a lot last season in comparison to Hewitt and Vigil, but more competition and depth at the LB spots is a very good thing.

    Under Coyles, I thought Phillips and Fede should have gotten more snaps. There were several games where Phillips was inactive or barely played with no real reason for him not being in the game and Fede was little more than a warm body.


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      Oh, I forgot about the rookie Burgess. Can't assess how his game will translate up but I like his hard-nosed style. Agree, I do love the competition. Will the real players please step forward. Coyle's strategy of DL catching and riding blockers along the line of scrimmage couldn't have made it easy for the LBs. Let's see who shines in an attacking style D.
      Let me be the first to submit Xavien Howard's name as a nominee for defensive rookie of the year. GO D !!!


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        Howard got really good reviews in camp. Granted it was shirts and shorts, but he showed good speed and understanding of what VJ wanted from him. Hoping it translates.

        Burgess has an uphill battle as an undrafted rookie, but he has a legitimate shot considering half our LB corp is also guys who went undrafted last year, or are aging vets who mostly play special teams.


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          Hull showed me nothing last year to be excited about. I am sorry but I definitely disagree. Hewitt was the only undrafted LB that showed promise.

          As per the best addition - I have to agree with Cuch on Washburn bringing in the wide 9, but that type of formation will only work in 3 and long. We are not going to wide 9 on first and second down. Just doesn't make sense.

          The biggest addition to our team is Vance Joseph. As we really didn't sign any legit young player makers, its up to him to develop our existing players under a new formation and provide a new schema that will provide results.

          The issue with Coyle was that he was passive and asked for his players to understand 3 reads. VJ has stated again and again, that he will be aggressive and allow the players to react only once. That is definitely important for the front 7

          As per the secondary, that is another question completely. Maxwell, Howard, Lippett, McCain and Lucas need to mature in an instance. This is a brand new secondary, with the only true returning starter being Jones - whom just ended his hold out.

          These kids have never played with each other....they don't know how to react to each other nor understand their tendencies....that is the biggest concern. When you know your teammate has the over top when you play shadow, that type of relationship can only be learned during game experience...which is something that our secondary has 0 experience.


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