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  • Dion Jordan?

    Does he really want to play? For us? Why did he wait so long to get reinstated? If he is cleared, we will have only a few days to decide whether to keep him and pay the $1.7 million roster bonus or release him. Why is he working out in the SF Bay Area, where his former college coach has taken over; the same coach who just about had a deal worked out for him in Philadelphia; with a trainer that also trains the 49ers GM?
    Am I wrong to see some angling going on here? Are we left dangling with only two options; pay him and hope he stays clean and turns out to be a great player or simply release him and allow him to sign right where he is? Maybe not. There may be an option three that would work out nicely for both Miami and San Francisco.
    The Dolphins could swing a trade with the 49ers that sends Dion Jordan to San Francisco for the rights to retired OT Anthony Davis. San Fran takes on the risk that goes with Jordan while working out a new deal and Kelly gets a versatile defender he obviously covets. The deal is consummated upon Anthony Davis officially unretiring and agreeing to terms with the Dolphins. The 6'5, 325 lb. Davis started all sixteen games for the 9ers at LT each year from 2010, when he was selected as the 11th overall pick, through 2013. He was sidelined after seven games in 2014 for the remainder of the season. Then, suddenly announced his retirement. Now he is ready to return after healing up but does not wish to return to his former team.
    Many Dolphins fans are more than willing to let Jordan walk, along with that little piece of gum on the bottom of his shoe that we call Jeff Ireland. If the guys upstairs don't care to take the risk on Jordan and fork out the $1.7 million he may just scoop up and run with, swapping the two high first rounders may be a win-win option.
    If Adam Gase thinks LT Jermon Bushrod is capable of making the switch over to RG at 31 years old, there's no reason to believe the 26 year old Anthony Davis can't do the same. Uh hum. What would that be, a starting O line of FIVE 1st rounders?
    Me personally, I could go either way here. I think Jordan could be a dynamic OLB. However, I do love an awesome offensive line. A lot has to do with what's going on in the minds of Jordan and the brass in both front offices.

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    What about sending the rights to Dion Jordan to the Cowboys who need DE help. In return we get RB Darren McFadden. He had some kind of surgery which will cause him to miss the first couple games of the season but then he should be available after that. Ajayi and Drake are both huge question marks and who are both injury prone especially Drake. McFadden would give us a veteran presence in the backfield. McFadden is expendable for the Cowboys who drafted Elliott and signed Morris in free agency.

    McFadden had decent stats last year. He rushed for 1,089 yards 3 TD's and had 4.6 YPC. He also caught 40 passes for 328 yards so he would be a great fit for our offense.
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      I'd rather have O line, myself, and I think Davis has proven to be the far more consistent achiever. If we win the battles up front, we win a lot more football games. And, we find out, once and for all, what we really have behind Center. Drake was just an awful 3rd round decision. We should be discussing if Ajayi will ever get on the field now that he's playing behind K Dixon.


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        DJ applied for reinstatement when he was allowed to. He didn't delay that at all.

        As per a trade, why? DJ wil be costing us only 1.6 million against the cap. Understanding that this is his contract year, he might have the motivation to show the league what he can do. That make him one of the most intriguing players in camp this season.

        We are stacked at DE and since VJ understands the 3-4/4-3 mentality look for DJ to be in nickel situations as the SAM. A line up for Kiko, DJ and Jenkins allows for speed on the field, especially in the 3 WR set or double TE where we are facing Clay, Gronk or any TE that creates a mismatch.

        Mcfadz leave well as the rest of the Oline, we have depth at OL which is something we haven't had since 1981 :P
        We have 4 1st round picks - let them play out....the best battle will be for the RG spot.....


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