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  • "Gentlemen, start your engines."

    One big positive I've noticed with Adam Gase is how often he talks about protection, adding extra help on certain plays and finding ways to get an advantage in sealing of pressure(s). Allowing the QB to change into the right play at the line of scrimmage to attack what the defense is showing is also a huge advantage for the O Line if the Quarterback knows what he's doing. Hopefully the days of drawing up plays where your OGs have to beat LBs in foot races to make blocks are behind us. We HAVE great offensive linemen that should be able to line up and blow open holes for the run and set a nice big pocket to pass. We have a bunch of big uglies, now, with talent, so let's stop trying to be so cute. Let's pound 'em for three quaters and drown 'em in the 4th. BP (#17) has a lot of growing to do to get this offense humming. They've removed the instructor in the shotgun seat with the chicken brake and put him behind the wheel of a beefed up, souped up, supercharged engine. Let's start up this motor and see if Tannehill can be the next Ricky Bobby and "go fast," because at this point, if he ain't first, he's last.

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    Supercharged? I'll settle for having a decent to average starting OL this season and some balance on offense. That's what it's going to henge upon as long as long as the defense doesn't shat the bed down the stretch.

    Tannehill won't be the problem. As usual, he's ahead of everyone else on offense. Hoping he's not having to spoon feed the receivers like previous seasons. Gase has been saying some good stuff about RT, Landry, and even Stills.

    Coaches have been pleased with Ajayi and Drake as well, tho Drake is going to have to prove he can stay healthy.

    Pouncey made some interesting comments about how under Philbin all they did was talk about up tempo. Under Gase, they are actually doing it. He also said Tannehill has been getting in people's asses this season. Nice to hear.

    Here's why quarterback whisperer Adam Gase is excited about Ryan Tannehill

    While Gase talked quarterbacks, which is something he loves to do, he grabbed the remote and jumped up and started highlighting Ryan Tannehill, the Dolphins quarterback and his newest project. He went through a series of plays showing Tannehill doing a lot of good, and even some bad, pointing out detailed things.

    "He's smart as (expletive) now," Gase said as he highlighted Tannehill making a right read. "We got screwed up on the pressure on this one, but he will stand in there. Watch this. Here he's screwing around with the defensive line on cadence. He keeps getting them to jump. They move the ball up 5 yards and it pisses the defensive line off."

    Gase paused as another play rolled on.

    "This is where he has to get better. If he sent the line to left, we could have had a big play. He had them go right the whole way. The only threat he had here off the edge was the slot corner (to Tannehill's left) and he didn't send the protection that way. Those are the small things that we are working to get better."


    Gase's system more closely resembles the system Tannehill ran as a rookie with the Dolphins, and is a lot different than what he ran the past two seasons when he quarterbacked a Chip Kelly-style of offense.

    "I think what we do is suited well for his game," Gase said "But it's a challenge. How many quarterbacks can you say changed offenses and had a great year the next year? It's tough changing everything. The terminology is different. The play-caller is different."


    There was a lot of positives in this week's OTAs.

    “It was good. We did a lot of situational work. Almost every period had some kind of theme, whether it was (Defensive Coordinator) Vance (Joseph), (Offensive Coordinator) Clyde (Christensen) and myself getting together and saying, ‘Here’s what we’re going to work on in this particular period.’ This is like one of those weeks where you can really focus on the details of things like four-minute backed up, two-minute (drills). There was a little bit of red zone thrown in there and third down. We did a lot of situational work this week.”
    Coach Gase addressed Jarvis Landry being a leader for the wide receiver group.

    “Besides him, you got Kenny (Stills) in that room as well. And I know he’s young, but he’s really taking a leadership-type role there with the offense as well, because he knows this offense inside and out. He spent a lot of time on this. He seems like the one guy that knows what you’re supposed to do. He does it right, a lot. He’s able to lend more of a hand, because his focus is a little smaller than what Jarvis’ is. I feel like we have two guys in that room that are really our leaders in that group – not only on the offense, but (in) that group as well.”


    “He’s always been a leader on this team, but this year I feel like he’s bringing more to the table, more than he ever has before as far as pushing guys and getting guys ready to go,” Pouncey said.

    “I’m just glad he’s our quarterback. He’s a guy that busts his butt everyday. He’s the first one in the building, last one out and that’s something you have to appreciate at that position…. We think he’s going to be really good.”

    Tannehill, entering his fifth season, has more freedom to change plays at the line of scrimmage than ever before, and Pouncey said “this is what he’s been waiting for his whole career, to go up there and be the guy that kind of calls the show.”

    The Dolphins have spoken in past years about playing at a faster tempo, but Pouncey said this year it’s really going to happen.

    “In past seasons, we tried to run up-tempo but we’d huddle first,” Pouncey said. “And it’s kind of hard to go in huddle, rush to the line and be up tempo. I think us being on the line of scrimmage the whole time and pushing the pace like that is going to get the ball snapped a lot faster.
    “With the tempo that we want to have, obviously our offensive line has to be in really good shape. But to our advantage when we go up there sometimes we’re going to snap it fast; sometimes we’re not. And that gives us the advantage on the offensive line. That means the defense is going to play on their toes, ready to jump off the ball. So we should get a lot of offside penalties from the defense and keep the chain moving.”

    • Pouncey on rookie Laremy Tunsil: “His feet are really good. We think he was the best player in this year’s draft. We’re lucky to have a guy like that. We’re excited to see what he can do. Obviously everybody looks good without pads on but we’re sure he’s going to come in and do what we expect him to do.”

    • Pouncey said the playbook is “simpler” under Adam Gase. “A lot of our players are going to be doing the same thing — it’s different plays but we’re doing a lot of the same stuff when the play’s called.”

    Really looking forward to this season...


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      "Tannehill won't be the problem. As usual, he's ahead of everyone else on offense. Hoping he's not having to spoon feed the receivers like previous seasons."

      "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton

      “The only thing worse then a liar is a liar that’s also a hypocrite!” - Tennessee Williams


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        Tannehill will get his chance to prove he is THE MAN. The offense will provide him with ample opportunity to light it up in the passing game, his line won't be so porous and his ability to make calls at the line will show us if he really has been held back from attacking downfield. It's exciting for sure. Along with extending his passing range, I'm anxious to see if he becomes less robotic in his drop, stop, stand and throw and gets more comfortable floating around in the pocket and letting receivers shake free and cutting off drop backs and releasing passes early to receivers left uncovered off the line of scrimmage. If there was one thing Marino could make him learn, that would be it. So far he's been the "athletic" QB with no reflexes and cement shoes in the pocket. Need a big change in 2016.


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